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Five reasons procrastination is a valid coping strategy

Five reasons procrastination is a valid coping strategy took form in my thoughts as my co-authoring partner, Emily Kimelman,  and I deferred, for the third time, a difficult task we needed tackle involving coordinating a day-by-day timeline of the plot of our series of romance thrillers.   Just typing that sentence was a total buzzkill…. Read more »

Insights from a wellness retreat

Insights from my recent wellness retreat were hard won, but worthwhile, so I thought I’d share for those who may be looking for a health solution that’s a little “outside the box.” Some of you may know that I’ve struggled for years with an increasingly over-reactive immune system, experiencing frequent rashes, sneezing and allergies, respiratory… Read more »

Bethany Hamilton surfs like a girl, moms like a woman

There was six-foot surf goddess in my bedroom! Bethany Hamilton surfs like a girl, but moms like a woman. Last week Bethany arrived on Maui with her hunky husband Adam, baby Tobias, father Tom, and filmmaker Aaron Lieber, to capture footage for her upcoming film, Surfs Like a Girl. Hiding out from media, they stealthed it… Read more »

New year’s resolutions and embracing mediocrity

Embracing mediocrity was a turning point for me, but New Year’s resolutions have always been a favorite flagellation. For the last twenty years and more, every New Year’s eve I’d go off by myself to review my journals from the year. The last ten years, I’d go up on the mountain, usually pitching a tent… Read more »

When your dog dies

When your dog dies, even after a long slow decline as our old girl did today, it’s a feeling not quite like any other, a unique grief. Dogs are so completely unconditionally loving that having that presence go…well, I’ve cried harder today than I have at human funerals. If you’ve read any of my books,… Read more »