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New year’s resolutions and embracing mediocrity

Embracing mediocrity was a turning point for me, but New Year’s resolutions have always been a favorite flagellation. For the last twenty years and more, every New Year’s eve I’d go off by myself to review my journals from the year. The last ten years, I’d go up on the mountain, usually pitching a tent… Read more »

Random encounter with #gratitude

I had a random encounter with gratitude today. Maui dawned cool, foggy and rainy, unusual for our island, known for depthless skies and broad vistas. Something about the weather made me sleepy and sad, filled with nostalgia for when my kids were younger and I was a hands-on mom, even those hectic years when I… Read more »

Lessons from #life drawing #6

This week’s model has skin the exact shade of Werther’s chewy caramels, and she’s named for a Norse goddess. Her breasts look like scoops of vanilla ice cream with hazelnuts on top. Her legs are so long we all have to keep revising our pictures to fit them in. Though this is her first time… Read more »

Lessons from #Life Drawing 2

It’s lessons from life drawing class again. Three hours in the middle of a Thursday when I check out of “normal” life and enter a secret, sunlit world in the jungle in Haiku, Maui, and study, and attempt to draw, naked people. The location is convoluted to get to, so I’m still figuring out the… Read more »

8 practical ways to get happy now

Unmet expectations are the greatest source of unhappiness in life. These 8 practical ways to get happy right now have worked for me and my clients. Try a couple today and let me know what happens! 1. practice gratitude: make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, and add ten more each day. 2…. Read more »