Yippee! I'm a versatile blogger!

Eileen Andrews, a wonderful writer,   passed this on to me.Thanks so much Eileen!

The “rule” is that I have to tell 7 things about myself. Arg. That's all this blog is! Oh well, here goes:

1. I like to paint. Not well, but with enthusiasm.

2. I collect jewelry. Don't wear it all the time, but sit on it like Smaug the dragon with his treasure. Sometimes I fondle it or sort it. Don't ask.

3. The secret to a long marriage is refusing to give up. No matter what.

4. I am not a fan of cooking or cleaning but like good food and a clean house.

5. I am passionate about helping children and love my work as a therapist and founding board member of KeikiCupboard, a nonprofit to provide needy kids with school supplies.

6. I am beginning to wonder if I'm ever going to get published. But I'm married to my writing, and see #3. So I will persevere because stubbornness has brought me a long way in life.

7. I hate shopping. HATE IT. Especially at Christmas. Online shopping is a great boon to us shopaphobics.

I'm supposed to pass on the award to some other bloggers I follow who deserve some recognition and a shout-out!

Linda Nagata– Sci-Fi writer, blogger and friend

Neal Studios– Amazing photographer and artist! (and hubby)

Noelle Pierce– romance writer and friend- blog always full of good stuff

Fuel Your Blogging-Chris has boatloads of information and a real personal touch that has improved this blog.

T. L. Tyson– this talented YA writer rocks and deserves to have her (many) works out there being read by impressionable young minds!

M.M. Bennetts– this opulent historical blog never fails to inform and entertain, and Bennetts' novels are amazing.

Cheri LaSota– this writer/editor has a great blog about writing.

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