Looking at this picture, imagining being there, is really enough for me.

In my blog trolling I came across this fun challenge on Karen Gowen's blog, Coming Down the Mountain.

The challenge is this- every day in April, blog on a topic from A-Z along with over 800 other bloggers listed on this page.Then, click around on there with all the other nut jobs who took this on and see what people say.

April Fool's Day, April 1. So on Day 1, I'm writing that A is for Adventure. And blogging every day for a month is DEFINITELY going to be an adventure!

I'm an adventurer of the mind. I'm married to an adventurer in the flesh. In 25 eventful years, we've had a lot of adventures, some we signed on for (like ziplining! and scuba diving! and driving across the US with two small children in a Honda Civic with all our worldly possessions to go to college!)

Others we did through stupidity (like running out of gas in the wilderness of California with an infant and a nearby raging forest fire) and currently in our staid middle age I'm sure my husband would say, we don't have enough adventures.

But for me, it's been plenty. I'm a woman who thinks a good time is curling up with a book and a bowl of popcorn married to a man nicknamed “Tarzan” in his younger years.

How have I handled it? Well, many times I've shut my eyes, held my nose, and jumped off the cliff hoping the water's deep enough, and rewarded myself with writing about it later.

Other times I just say, “no thanks.” Not everyone is an adventurer in the flesh. I enjoy my journeying most through daydreaming, books, video and pictures. Art is also a great way to experience a feeling of adventure, and music transcends time, place and mere location.

Realizing I'm an adventurer of the mind makes me feel less chicksh*t about all the adventures I have had no interest going on–like the surf trip on a boat through the Mentawais, or the caravan through New Zealand, or the plane/train/automobile journey through Australia, Indonesia and Samoa I declined- all of which The Hubby did without me.

What kind of adventurer are you?

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