D is for Daydreaming.


Nothing fights boredom like a good daydream.

Daydreaming. We all do it. Happens in a nanosecond, probably happened when you clicked on the link opening this blog.

So many functions to it too: rehearsing, storing in long term memory, coming up with new ideas. Staving off boredom, escaping difficult situations, anticipating worst-case scenarios.


He even looks like he's paying attention! The beauty of it!

The thing that seems to make daydreaming more ‘effective’ or potentially useful, is meta-cognition- the ability to observe oneself daydreaming and reflect upon the content and application of the daydream. Those who can “think about their thinking” are more likely to harvest the creativity inherent in such a universal pleasure.


Haven't you dreamed of flying with a magic umbrella while chasing butterflies? Apparently others have too.

Too much negative daydreaming can lead to depression/anxiety disorders according to several major studies (which I am too lazy to include.) Suffice to say, if you can, re-direct your catastrophic daydream to one of saving the world to improve your mood (and even come up with good new blog topics for the A to Z Blog Challenge.)


This kind can feed on itself and contribute to depression and anxiety.

In my much longer blog Idea Mining I talk about a technique to harness daydreaming to solve problems. Check it out.


Try not to let this kind get too big. Unless you write horror.

How has daydreaming helped or hindered you?

Even a cliche can take me on a journey when daydreaming.

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