You can tell a lot about a neighborhood by its mailboxes.

What were they thinking, exactly? Especially the one horn on the "cow" one.

Recently I decided to focus the blog a bit more, honing in on the unique, underappreciated, even unknown, aspects of life in Hawaii.

I live in a working-class Hawaii neighborhood. I know, I know, you all thought from Renaissance Man's (aka The Hubby) awesome photography, that my house was glamorous, overlooking a golf course and the ocean.

Ha. We have a neighborhood golf course that won't show up on ANY travel brochures whose shaggy grass I can see if I stand in one corner of the deck and squint hard. I can also see the ocean by squinting hard. But the neighborhood itself is… a typical working-class Hawaii neighborhood, which I realized may be considered “colorful” by people in say, Canada.  So I started carrying my little camera around and taking pictures of what seems to unique.

an attempt at classy. No tongue in cheek here, alas.

Yeah. This one has bemused me for years as I walked my neighborhood. I wish it was irony, or whimsy, or anything else that signaled something other than bad taste.

Someone built this. Intentionally.

My writer's imagination makes a story about this homemade birdhouse/mailbox combo– a kid's project with his dad or something? Who knows?

A tree, carefully trimmed, makes a classy umbrella over these mailboxes.

I like the attempt to trim the tree into a mailbox shader.

This is a pretty good one a block or so away from my house.

I had to throw in a pretty good one. I mean, at least at one time it was nice.

After years of debate, we decided this was a whale. My son still says it looks like an earless, legless cat wearing a top hat.

And I end with the attempt at “topiary” that marks the entrance of our neighborhood. They work hard on this thing, and it shows.

Welcome to the Real Hawaii, where real people live.

What do the mailboxes in YOUR neighborhood look like?

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