Heh heh. I got you with that, didn't I? Couldn't resist.

slippery little buggers wanna roll around so I cut my thumb off...

I told you I'd blog about what to do with lilikoi, but first I thought I'd share the arduous process of getting the juice.

Alas, there's no shortcut. Cut carefully and scoop goo out of each one.

So…Yeah. Renaissance Man just came in and tried to video me with the GoPro. I told him I had to go change, put on makeup, and do something about my hair. He withdrew after comments about Martha Stewart wannabes. (Great subject for another blog; Martha, along with ML King, is one of my idols.)

Anyway, there's no shortcutting this process. I've tried feeding whole ones into juicers, and a gizmo called the Silver Bullet, all to no avail. The only way to get the gold of this juice that I know of is this way. Cut each *&^%!!! lilikoi and get the innards out, then squeeze the juice out of pulp and seeds.

I'm trying whirling the goo in a food processor to see if I can get more juice.

The seeds are encapsulated in a little sac, and there's loose juice, and pulpy stuff. It's all pretty much the consistency of something out of a horror film. But, it smells amazing. The whole kitchen smells like lilikoi, a flowery-tart-ripe-warm-mouthwatering scent like nothing else.

(insert Smell-O-Vision here- we're going to have that in blogs someday.)

Not too long or fast, or the seeds will get pulverized in!

I whirl it gingerly in the food processor to try and break up the sacs around the seeds and liquify the pulp a bit.

Squish squish squish stir stir stir

Now the boring part. I stir the goo in a strainer until it begins to get dry and pulpy.

Hardly anything for all that work! *annoyance*


This is always my reaction. What a hassle, for so little! I know what comes next and so do you by now:

Repeat the entire process.


Yep. Repeat the entire process until lilikoi are gone. I used up all I had laying around the yard, which was 43 today.

Whew a lotta work for 2 cups of juice!

Yay! I have two cups of juice from 43 lilikoi and over an hour of work. At my rate of pay, not including picking up the lilikoi, I value this at $150.00. Liquid gold indeed!

My precious stash, ready for everything from Killa Rum Punch to lilkoi butter

I freeze it in useful-portion size ziploc bags, good for everything from salad dressing to meringue pie to lilikoi margaritas, which I plan to try this summer.

(The kitchen cleanup is a b*tch. I factor that in, and now the two cups of lilikoi juice are worth about 200 bucks.)

But hey, when they really get going this summer, anyone can come pick some up at my house. I'm pretty darn sure I won't have time to juice them all.

Anyone else have a fruit you love, that really makes you work for the good stuff?



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