Frantic phone calls.
Blizzards of e-mails.

Yes, it's my first book launch, and after all of the above, Blood Orchids is finally available in both e-book and hard copy.

He's promised to actually read it now that it's in PRINT.

I thought I was a convert to e-books. After all, the sad truth is that on Maui, we have only one major bookstore, a B&N in Lahaina, an hour's drive away to an area I never go to unless I'm showing around tourist friends or visiting a gallery showing of Renaissance Man‘s work.

No, Maui is not a hotbed of literary stimulation, alas. So of necessity I've become a Kindle reader, so I can download and read manuscripts easily, support other author friends, and if I hear something's good, have it in minutes on my e-reader. I highly recommend it.

That was until I got my proof copy of Blood Orchids in my hands. It's a writer's dream come true to see the sweat of my fingertips converted to actual ink and paper, to see how great it looks–a silky, slightly oversized, gorgeous example of good design.

I'm falling in love with “real” books all over again. Siiiiighhhhhh. So pretty.

I want bookstores to come back, and libraries, and instead of the sterile black-and-white of pixels pretending to be letters, to smell, touch and fondle the joy of a real book.Growing up on Kaua`i without TV, the weekly trip to the library was our sole entertainment.

“You Wilson girls, you always get da sand inside da books. Shake 'em out when you bring 'em back or I going give you fine!” A Hawaii librarian, gimlet-eyed and multiple-chinned, taught me to respect books, my favorite pastime on the planet. I never forgot those lessons, though I confess to being a corner-folder instead of a bookmark-user.

How about you? What's your favorite way to read?

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