Twitter continues to be a source of new friends, contacts, chats and learning for me. Not long ago I met a talented writer on Twitter who caught my interest because of her practice of Muay Thai kickboxing, and the great quality of her writing. I invited her to share on the blog, and we're getting to know each other–I am interested by someone who embodies both a strong physical side and a strong mental side, as evident in her writing, where she posts a chapter from one of her novels each week. Here's are few questions to introduce you to readers, Holli!
Author Holli Moncrieff
1. Tell us about your writing: the good, bad and ugly, and your plans and dreams.

I've always been fascinated by the darker side of human nature. (Insert evil laugh here!) I started out writing psychological suspense, but I'm finding my novels are edging more towards full-fledged horror these days. Horror, but not gore: I love a good, spooky story that manages to be thought-provoking while still scaring the crap out of you. That's my goal.

My plan is to finally get out of my own way and turn my dream of writing fiction for a living into a reality. As for the ugly…well, rewriting and querying is about as ugly as it gets.

2. I'm a big fan of being strong and fit, and two of my characters are amateur MMA fighters in the women's circuit in Hawaii. I was interested to find out you do Kickboxing? Tell us more about it and why you do it, and if it's as brutal as it looks!

I've been training in muay thai (traditional Thai kickboxing that incorporates knee and elbow strikes) since 1997. I use the word “training” deliberately, because there's always more to learn when you're studying a martial art. I'll never feel like I've achieved expert status, that's for sure.

I once dated a terrible, abusive boy when I was a teenager. I'd long had plans to pursue martial arts training, but when I ended things with this boy, he attacked me–an attack that left my spine broken in two places. I thought my chances of kickboxing were nil, but in a weird twist of fate, the chiropractor I went to for treatment was affiliated with the biggest kickboxing club in the city. He actually thought muay thai would be good for my back, and he was right–it was.

Holli in the ring

Holli in the ring

Muay thai not only strengthens my body; it strengthens my mind. Through training, my self-confidence has improved immensely. Muay thai always challenges me. It keeps depression at bay. And I've met some incredible people through the sport, including my best friend of 20 years.

As for brutal, there are definitely people who get into martial arts for the wrong reasons. It's very important to make sure you're going to a reputable club that's free of the darker element. But as far as violence goes, I've been hurt way worse playing soccer than I ever was in muay thai. You quickly learn how to defend yourself–it's essential.

3: You also write psychological suspense and are a journalist! I studied journalism but went into mental health instead. Tell me about how those interests intersect for you.

Journalism has taught me to approach writing as a business, and that has really helped. I know how to set and meet deadlines, make goals, and follow through. It's also introduced me to a wide range of people and topics, and as a writer, you can never learn too much or have too many ideas.

4: Personal- tell us more about where you write, what pets keep you company and what talismans assist in your inspiration for writing.

I used to write in my office at home. It's quite pretty–painted a cheery yellow with a roll top desk, but I also do my journalism work there. My boyfriend suggested I do my writing in the living room, curled up on the couch, and that's been a revelation! It does make my writing time seem a lot more fun. But it worked too well…often as not, I end up doing my journalism stuff there too.

I try to set the tone for writing fiction by lighting a scented candle. I have three cats that try in various ways to distract me. Chloe needs almost constant love and attention, and it seems like the second I get out the laptop, she's trying to climb onto my lap. But I love all my cats to pieces and I wouldn't change a thing about them. I'd say a cat is the best companion a writer can have. They're quiet and affectionate without needing to be walked or coddled too much (usually). (Except for Chloe.) But Chloe has inspired a series of children's books, so I figure she's earned her dues.

5. Publishing thoughts–traditional or self publishing or both? Do you have an agent and if so, what's that like?

My dream is to be a hybrid writer: to traditionally publish some of my novels while self-publishing others. I think both means of publishing have a lot to offer. Self-publishing has given writers an incredible amount of power, and has also provided readers with more options than ever before, which is great. But I've noticed that some of the most successful self-published writers built a name for themselves with traditional publishing first. That's just smart, if you can swing it–anything to help with the marketing and getting your name out there is a good thing.

I used to have an agent, but her priorities shifted once she started a family (which was soon after we started working together) and we were no longer a good fit. It was really difficult to end that relationship, because I had such high hopes for it. I'm still open to the idea of working with an agent, but it has to be the right person at the right time. You need to work hard to succeed in this industry, of course, but there's a fair bit of luck involved too.

Thanks so much for joining my blog, Holli!

Here are some links where you can check out Holli's work. She has a wonderful blog where she interviews people and writes thoughtful posts, and also is publishing one of her novels, LOST, each Friday:

The Kickboxing Writer

Holli's G+


Holli in nature.

Holli in nature.


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