Top #Indie Blogs to #Follow


I have a simple criteria for a blog I really love: I get it in my email inbox. In fairness, some of these folks are “hybrids” with both indie and trad pub writing…but they are all worth keeping up with, for different reasons. These Top Indie Blogs to Follow are gems I've discovered in sifting through the blogosphere.

This is what I want my blog to be. Even so, does anyone read them anymore?

This is what I want my blog to have!

For sheer bravura, skullduggery, and golden gems on the writing life:

Russell Blake:

Russell’s amazing success, prodigious tolerance for alcohol, and unbelievable productivity keep me both laughing and motivated. Whatever he writes is sure to entertain and educate.

Chuck Wendig:

Foul-penned and funny, Chuck tells it like it is!

For nuts and bolts tips for publishing, the writing life, social media:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch:

Many times Kris has written exactly what I needed to hear or know, with heart and authority. I’ve donated several times for posts that made me cry or shaped a business decision.

Steena Holmes:

The writer I am most closely emulating in terms of her social media/online presence. She covers all sorts of topics on her blog but is never muddled. She’s talented, approachable, and does an incredible job nurturing her readers. *admire* I try to do everything half as well as she does!

Molly Greene: Writer

Molly has a great way of collaborating and writing terrific posts on everything you need to know to tackle the business of self-publishing and the angst of writing.

Rachel in the OC:

Rachel is always pithy and pertinent, with a tell-it-like-it-is style that makes her great tips readable and memorable.

Kick-ass inspirational writing and commentary:

Hugh Howey:

I’m an unabashed fangirl of this self-effacing giant in the self-pub revolution. He is kind, funny and empowering. Read his stuff, you won’t be sorry—and he tries to help. Just because.

Holly Robinson:

Holly’s thoughtful essays on everything from her dog to her novel-writing process are thought provoking and inspirational.

Holli Moncrieff:

Brave multi-topic writing that makes you think.


Seth Godin’s Blog:

Can’t tell you how often he’s made me pause and see something in a new way.

James Altucher:

Heartfelt and innovative, a sort of wordy shower of inspiration that uplifts or challenges.

The Passive Voice:

This great daily blog aggregate is almost all I need to get my daily self pub worldview fix. The Passive Guy (PG) puts together a great lineup of interesting blogs every day, peppered by sarcastic commentary. I often send him links and I read it every day.

Try a few of these. I promise you’ll like them!

8 Responses to “Top #Indie Blogs to #Follow”

  1. Holli

    Wow, what a great list. I’m honoured to be in the company of such wonderful blogs. Thanks for the kind words, Toby.

    Gestures like this make all the hard work and angst worthwhile.

    • Toby

      Blogging is tough. Blogging well, consistently–even tougher!

  2. Bae Fox

    Thank you for sharing this treasure trove! I’m always on the lookout for fantastic blogs like these appear to be.

    P.s., the link to Russell Blake seems a bit…quirky. It didn’t work for me…

    • Toby

      Hi Bae, try it now? And thanks for stopping by and having a look!

  3. Molly Greene

    Ditto what the two ladies said above, I’m honored to be included in such a wonderful list! There are only a couple I’m not familiar with, so I’m off the check them out. Thanks again, Toby!

    • Toby

      Molly, I love every post you do and having the great collaborative relationship we do. Sorry I’m taking so long with Paint It Gone, I’m psycho with deadlines and hardly reading!