Rip Tides washes into Kindles everywhere TODAY!

Rip Tides washes into Kindles everywhere TODAY!

RIP TIDES: Lei Crime Series #9

Surfing in Hawaii can be fame, talent and… murder.

Poised to win the prestigious Triple Crown of Surfing, Maui surf star Makoa Simmons washes up tragically dead. Detective Lei Texeira plunges into a high-profile case whose dark and tangled motives reach deep into the elite world of professional surfing on the North Shore of Oahu. Lei must follow her instincts into new territory even as husband Michael Stevens struggles with heartbreak of another kind.

“Another fantastic mystery featuring Lei Texeira and the wonderful, deftly drawn characters populating the Lei Crime Series. Toby Neal just keeps getting better. Rip Tides is a return to her roots as a police procedural writer and we get a new angle on Hawaii as she explores the world of professional surfing. Rip Tides is my new favorite.” Emily Kimelman, author of the Sydney Rye Mystery Series.

Grab the latest installment in the top-reviewed Lei Crime Series, and take off on a big one!

From the Acknowledgements at the back of the book, where Toby always writes a letter to readers:

“Surfing is close to my heart. I come from a surfing family, three generations of wave worshippers in Hawaii, and I married a surfer. I still take my boogie board out on occasion, and it was past time I came up with a way that I could use a mystery to share that world with a broader audience.

An aside about the title, Rip Tides: I titled the book that because it’s a common usage term though not technically correct. I’m actually referring to the phenomena of rip currents, which have nothing to do with tides. Rip currents occur when waves expend their traveling energy as they hit the beach. That energy is only partly dissipated by the breaking wave. The remaining energy collects alongside wave peaks in fast-moving “rips” that suck back out to sea and many times, cause drowning for inexperienced swimmers who may be caught in them and panic. Surfers can read the ocean and use rips to their advantage, for quick transport out to a peak or to end a ride.

Book research for Rip Tides took me back to the North Shore of Oahu. Our family had lived on the beach in a cottage between Sunset and Pipeline from 1969–1970, with my dad surfing those breaks every day until we moved to Kaua`i, when I was five. This winter, I was exhilarated by almost a week in a beach house on that famous stretch of golden sand, hearing the thundering of the breaking waves through the night, watching the most amazing surfing in the world during the day. I think my descriptions are particularly rich because I went there and immersed in the scene. I even found the beach house our family lived in, hardly changed at all. I am also gathering material for my memoir, so locating it was exciting!”

Hope you enjoy this police procedural that explores the elite world of professional surfing! Grab a copy here!


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