New #LeiCrimeKW Novellas for #Summer Reading


I’m so honored to be sharing the new LeiCrimeKW novellas that have been released in the Lei Crime Kindle World. There are some returning authors and many new ones I hope you get to know. Keiki has her own adventure, hunky Jared finds adventure in Mexico…and falls madly in love! We meet Kat with her unusual powers, Tiare solves another mystery…and so many more!

As I take a break away from Lei, Stevens, Keiki and the wonderful characters of the Lei Crime Series, it makes me happy to see many of these characters live on in other writers’ stories.  Just like my readers, I don’t want to say goodbye to a host of characters who’ve come to feel real, like wonderful friends. At the same time, I need to pursue other stories and projects like the Michaels Family Romances, my memoir FRECKLED, and collaborative efforts with other authors.

I love the Lei Crime Kindle World because it’s a way the series can go on, and so can I.

You will get to learn more about these authors and their stories as I feature them daily on this blog. Be sure to stop by every day—there will be many chances to win prizes!


NewBeginnings 800x544New Beginnings (The Girl and The Fireman Book 1)
By Amy Allen


Life goes on without love … or does it?


StealingHonoluluStealing Honolulu (a hawai’i parkour adventure Book 2)
By Terry Ambrose


When the goal is to steal millions, all obstacles must be removed.


Charade at SeaCharade at Sea
By Eden Baylee


A luxury cruise is ideal for a budding romance … or is it?


Dead Man Lying - 529x800Dead Man Lying
By Scott Bury


She knows when you’re lying …FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer.


ROAD SANPACHO1The Road to San Pancho
By Lynda Filler

In this fast-paced suspense novella Peace, suffering the heartache of the recent passing of her mother, goes on a journey down ominous highways to San Pancho Mexico in search of a father she never knew.


SC 4 TMITTreachery Makes it Tense (Shadow Council Book 4)
By Julie Gilbert


When a vanquished foe resurfaces with vengeance on his mind …


Hula Pie and Coconut Bras KindleHula Pie and Coconut Bras (Coming Soon!)
By AJ Llewellyn




Darker Dawn 2Darker Dawn (Coming Soon!)
By Fiona Manning


Can Tiare Kaihale save Lei from a crazed killer?


OutOfLeague_CVROut of Her League (Gemi Kittredge Book 2)
By Shawn McGuire


Paradise has a dark side, and Gemi has seen it.


ParadiseDownParadise Down
By Donna B. McNicol


Aloha Nicholás! But will this be a hello or a goodbye?


Spark my Desire 800x544Spark My Desire
By Noelle Pierce


One pageant queen, one sexy firefighter, one week in L.A.


SogawBadgeSoga’s Second Chance
By Patricia Sands


Some escapes lead full circle.


By David Schoonover

Kapu means forbidden. Desecration means death. This ancient Hawaiian legal system collapsed in the early 19th century—or did it?


DragonTouched-Shenold copy (1)Dragon Touched (Kat’s Dragon Book 1)
By Carol Shenold

The fate of the world rests with unlikely heroes.
Power comes with a terrible price …


BornToLove-KWBorn To Love (Keiki & Lia Thriller Book 1)
By Amy Shojai


Can the past unlock the future and love preserve a life?


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