#LeiCrimeKW Author Interview With Lynda Filler


How did you come to be interested in the Lei Crime Kindle World?

I met Toby through her association with JET Kindle World where I’ve been writing novellas. We became friends on FaceBook and I fell in love with her and her stories. I’ve only been to Hawaii once, but reading the Lei Crime series makes me want to make that trip again.

Tell us how your story links to the Lei Crime Series. 

ROAD SANPACHO1I was hooked on Jared Stevens after I heard about his “three bang rule.” I love a challenge! On a deeper level, his hurt with his alcoholic mom and the death of his dad made me want to bring some joy into this loner’s life. So I decided he needed a break from LA and a leave of absence from firefighting. In my story, The Road to San Pancho, he is around 28 years old, so not yet decided to move to Maui. I take him on a road trip down the coast of Mexico towards San Pancho, near Puerto Vallarta.

The Lei Crime Series are police procedural mysteries with a twist of romance. What genres do you explore in your story?

The Road to San Pancho is a mystery with a hint of romance but more a searching and longing for love.

The Lei Crime Series is set in Hawaii, but these novellas could be set anywhere. Tell us about where you set your story, and why?

My story is set in Mexico. This has been my home for the last 14 years. I’m passionate about the warmth of the people, the lush tropics and seductive coastline.

Tell us a little about your main character. Why do you think readers will like her?

Peace is my main character. She is a 22 year-old, 5’2” feisty redhead with chocolate brown eyes. She loves the ocean, and brought up in Big Sur. Her mom dies and she buys herself a Volkswagen and decides to go searching for a father she never knew whom she believes lives in Mexico. We can all relate to her sense of loss, being alone in life, and desire to make that connection and find out why her dad has never been in her life.

What major theme comes across the clearest in your story? Is this a theme found consistently in your other works? 

I LOVE strong female characters. That theme comes across in my writing. In the JET series, an ex-Mossad Black Ops female assassin is the ultimate warrior. Strong sexy take-charge woman who will do anything for her 3 year-old daughter Hannah.

JET: EXPOSED is a suspense thriller that uncovers a dark and dangerous world of high-level intrigue, passion, power and greed. JET flees up the coast of Mexico, chased by Cartels where she is rescued by a clandestine SEAL team, and their leader, high-tech billionaire Luke Raven. From Puerto Vallarta to Seattle, Paris to Shanghai, the games never let up. JET:ABDUCTED is a roller coaster ride of cartel drug and human trafficking across tempestuous high seas off the coast of Mexico. Don’t even think about kidnapping JET’s child! She’ll hunt you down and destroy you! JET-ULTIMATUM  brings JET back to save the USA from the scariest hack perpetrated against DARPA. What would you do if you knew the Chinese were about to gain access to all the military installations and data in the USA? The theme in my JET books, are high technology, cyber war, a sexy female and super wealthy hot Luke Raven.

Target in the Sun is a story of a dangerous liaison between an older woman and her younger lover. It’s a riveting, complex journey through the explosive, dark underworld of organized drug trafficking interwoven with an emotionally charged story of disconnected search, longing and survival on the streets of coastal Mexico.

Share some of your story about becoming a writer. 

I love to tell stories. Sometimes the truth and a story I’ve made up around it blend together. It’s a natural for me to write. I wrote my first novel so many years ago I can’t even remember it. I think it got thrown out recently when I was cleaning up preparing for a hurricane in Puerto Vallarta! There is no copy.

Do you have a background related to your writing? What makes you interesting outside of your books? Authors are often some of the most interesting people I’ve ever met!

I’m a military brat and I was a nun for a year! What a combination! Spies fascinate me! And I read and investigate all things clandestine including unusual and unconventional romance. I worked in fashion as a first career, sales for Resort Developers as a second career. So I love everything that is beautiful and creative in life. I’m a total loner. You will find me reading or writing or taking an airplane to places around the world. I love to write at Starbucks. They should pay me for tweeting from their shops around the world!

What are you working on next, aside from the novella in the Lei Crime Series Kindle World?

That’s a good question. I have a couple of projects. Fans often tell me what to do. That’s how I ended up writing 3 JET novellas. I’ve been asked to expand on Target in the Sun, that’s a possibility. But my heart might be in finding out what happens to Peace and Jared from The Road to San Pancho.



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20 Responses to “#LeiCrimeKW Author Interview With Lynda Filler”

  1. Marjorie

    I haven’t read any of these novellas but they sound like a type of story & characters that I would enjoying reading.

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Marjorie! They are all short, fun and fast paced. Each have a fan base for different reasons. I loved writing them. And sorry for not responding to your comments, I finished editing and am uploading a new LEI Crime for KW called NARCO ORPHANS. This series is writing itself!

  2. BONNIE Thompson

    I haven’t read”Road to…” yet, but it’s on my list! Now I want to read Lynda’ s Jet novellas! If they are half as good as Toby Neal’s, it will be awesome!

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Bonnie!
      I’m sure you will enjoy kick-ass JET. Russell Blake has created an amazing series, so be prepared to be hooked on his series as well. Thanks. Enjoy!

  3. Karin Stoil

    Lynda’s novella sounds exciting and it is about one of my favorite men. I love all the Lei crime books and have read a few of the novellas. The novellas were a great read and a wonderful way to be introduced to different authors.

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Karin! I really wanted to write into Toby’s world because she is amazing as a woman and author. However, with no real knowledge of Hawaii I didn’t want to write something that felt forced. So when I realized that Jared was living in LA, I thought why not bring him on a road trip to San Pancho! It was so much fun writing this story. It flowed so quickly that now the sequel is almost at publication.

  4. Lisa Hudson

    Jared is one of my favorite characters! Looking forward to reading & finding out if he finds true love & his soul mate. Excited to discover a new author!

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Lisa, I will not give you the answer to your curiosity… but let me say that Jared finds love on different levels in this book and the second in the series, NARCO ORPHANS coming out next week. I would love to hear what you think.

  5. Sandie Keeble

    I love getting to meet with new authors through the Lei Crime World characters. It’s been a fascinating journey. Here in the UK, we can’t get to order them through Amazon.UK so I have to wait for chances to win these exciting new stories! I love how Jared has become a central character in Toby’s books – supportive of the whole family, yet he is the boy we would all have loved to meet when we were younger. Hope he finds some romance in this book!

    • Lynda Filler

      I would say he finds some peace in the form of PEACE, the woman he shares the story with in The Road to San Pancho. It’s annoying not to be able to share these KW series with friends in Canada. I recently learned that when I change the country in the settings by adding an address in the US, I can download even though I live in Mexico. You might try that and see what happens. We would all love to know if it works.

      • Sandie Keeble

        Hi Lynda
        thanks for the suggestion on moving my location! I recently bought a Surf-Easy key, which allows me to move location painlessly and I’ve just tried it to log into Amazon.com. IT WORKED! Normally I get shunted off the USS site and redirected to the UK one, but it carried on as normal! Now I can browse to my heart’s content! Thanks for the suggestion.

  6. Amy

    Nice interview Lynda. LOL – Our boy gets around. Look forward to reading this.

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Amy. Don’t all bad boys? He’s in his 20’s here. You will see a different side of Jared, introspective and likeable. Let me know what you think. The sequel will be out this week NARCO ORPHANS. This series is writing itself and is bringing me along for the ride!

  7. Jennifer Thompson

    I really enjoyed Road to San Pancho and can’t wait to read more of your books. ??

    • Lynda Filler

      You are an amazing first reader. Thanks so much Jennifer Thompson. Your input has been invaluable! Toby Neal is an ICON! Intimidating!! Writing with her characters is both challenging and rewarding. Thanks for your reviews!

  8. Sue Alexander Devers

    Love all the new stories about Toby’s characters. Can’t wait for this one!!!

    • Lynda Filler

      Thanks Sue, I will be anxious to hear what you think. Toby sets the bar high! Feel free to post on my FB page. And love to get DM’s for any questions or comments that you wish to make. It’s an honor to write into Toby’s world so I am open to your thoughts. Enjoy and thanks for the comments!

  9. Kacey Easterwood

    All the news about Mexico, and after watching Border Patrol, the thought of being anywhere near Mexico scares me to death. I love the name of your character Peace, and your stories sound interesting. I’m sure I will get around to reading your first leap into the Lei Crime Series soon.

    • Lynda Filler

      Hi Kacey,
      Puerto Vallarta is #1 in retirement destinations in the world as voted again in 2016 by many magazines. We are thankful to live in this very special destination in the world. It seems so many places in the world are scary these days. Border living anywhere in the world is looking sketchy isn’t it. Thanks for reading the interview.
      Enjoy the amazing LEI KW books. I’m slowly making my way through them as well!

  10. Lynda Filler

    By the Way, Peace and Jared won out!
    NARCO ORPHANS is out on Amazon Kindle in Lei Crime Series, KW.