#LeiCrimeKW Author Interviews With T. Ambrose and S. McGuire


Terry Ambrose and Shawn McGuire return to the Lei Crime Series Kindle World. Terry brings us Stealing Honolulu (a hawai’i parkour adventure Book 2)  and Shawn, Out of Her League  (Gemi Kittredge Book 2).

What have you enjoyed the most about being an author for the Lei Crime Kindle World?

Terry: I love the sense of community. Whether we’re talking about the seasoned writers or those new to the world, there’s always a willingness to help each other and grow and do better.

OutOfLeague_CVRShawn:  The opportunity to write in and explore a new genre has been wonderful for me. I’ve found a new love in mystery/suspense and plan to move my non-Kindle World writing into that genre now.

Why have you chosen to write a sequel to your Lei Crime Kindle World book?

Terry: One of the reasons I enjoy writing is because it allows me to explore a character’s development. In Tough Choices, my first Lei Crime novella, Marty Fitch underwent a metamorphosis. But, by the end of the book, he still had more growth potential. In order for him to grow further, he needed to see more turmoil and get into even deeper trouble. Marty’s one of those characters with tremendous potential, so it’s possible I my decide to tackle another sequel.

StealingHonoluluI enjoy the Lei Crime series because it’s set in Hawaii, which is about my favorite place to write about. It’s where I’ve set my Trouble in Paradise McKenna Mysteries and where my heart is drawn to.

Shawn:  Two reasons. First, because the story wasn’t finished! I ended the first one on a cliffhanger…and learned that many mystery readers are not a fan of them! Lesson learned. Second, because I’ve fallen in love with Gemi. There will be at least one more novella in the Gemi Kittredge world.

What advice do you have for authors who are considering writing in a Kindle World?

Terry: Explore the world first and make sure it’s something you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on the world.

Shawn: Do it! The Lei Crime world is amazing with its tropical setting and array of great characters. But if that doesn’t quite appeal to you, there are others in just about any genre you prefer. Figure out what you’d like to get from the experience even if that’s just to take a break from your usual projects. For me, I definitely wanted to explore a new genre, but I also wanted to challenge myself to write a something shorter than a full-length novel.

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8 Responses to “#LeiCrimeKW Author Interviews With T. Ambrose and S. McGuire”

  1. Bonnie Thompson

    As usual, great to get to know some of my favorite KW authors better! Shawn, glad to hear that you might be writing in a suspense genre’. I quite liked “One of Her Own”, but I was one of ‘those’ who deducted 1 star because of the Cliff Hanger! 🙂 Terry, you nailed it in “Tough Choices”, I’ve put “Stealing Honolulu” on my list!

  2. Sandie Keeble

    I love these mini interviews Toby – sure hope you keep doing them. I learn so much about different authors and their other work, not just the Lei Crime Kindle World. Hope I might be lucky here!

  3. Angie Lail

    A very interesting interview and the books sound great!

  4. Lisa Hudson

    Great interviews! Haven’t read any of y’all’s LCKW books yet but because of these interviews I now want to. This has been a marvelous opportunity to learn a little about each of you & what motivates you. Thank you for participating!!

  5. Grace Koshida

    Great interview Terry and Shawn. It was nice to learn how/why different authors decide to join the LeiCrime Kindle novella world.