Wired Rogue, Paradise Crime Series with Sophie Ang


LAUNCH DAY FOR WIRED ROGUE, Paradise Crime #2 with Sophie Ang!

wired-rogue-sliderWHAT READERS ARE SAYING:


“What an incredible read! This is a fast paced action book that is filled with suspense and a little bit of love as well. It is richly descriptive of the Hawaiian Islands and I felt as if I was in each and every location.” Deborah B, Goodreads
OMG! Toby’s done it again. An exceptional book. I love Sophie Ang and all the characters from Security Solutions. Getting Sophie out of the FBI and into the field is brilliant. Can’t wait for the next book!” Paula S, Goodreads
The second book in Toby’s Paradise Crime Series featuring Sophie Ang has all the excitement and cliff-hanging moments that one expects from her writing. Toby has delivered another first-rate read. Sophie is fast becoming a character in her own right, not just a side character in the Lei Crime series. I can’t wait to read more of Sophie’s adventures.” Sandie K, Goodreads

In Wired Rogue, I so enjoyed getting Sophie out of her computer cave and out into the field. When I began writing, I had an idea that I wanted more action, and a less “tech-heavy” plot (because, let’s face it, computers are not my area) but I had NO IDEA Jake Dunn would show up on the page, that he’d be such a powerful character and shake things up so much…and the twists that happen weren’t in the outline!

Some days I wake up and pinch myself. I have the best job in the world, creating characters that take on a life of their own and capture the hearts and minds of readers, taking them on a journey to amazing places they may never see—like the incredible Waipio Valley, on the Big Island!

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17 Responses to “Wired Rogue, Paradise Crime Series with Sophie Ang”

  1. Cathy Fairhurst

    Loved all the Lei Crime series so really looking forward to catching up with Sophie Ang. She was an interesting character that I can’t wait to get to know.

  2. BONNIE Thompson

    OMG! SO ready for this one! Looking forward to the new LCS KW releases in a few days, too! Dec. 1st!

  3. Janet tatevosian

    Love all Toby’s books. Fun to start a new series! (Well, this is the second on the series, but it’s still a new series!)

  4. Peggy

    Have been waiting patiently for Tobys latest mystery. So glad it’s finally available.

    • Lucille Tanguay

      Love the first book of this series, looking forward to the rest of the books. I just love mystery romance thrillers. Keep up the good work Toby.

  5. Elaine

    Been busy working, we just closed on our new house November 15th, so trying to get everything moved and do some unpacking. I’m way behind on my reading but would love a copy of your new Sophie Ang book for Christmas. Hopefully I’ll find time to read by then.

  6. Sandy

    Pre-ordered! Great idea!!
    Started it last night and I couldn’t put it down, was up very late or early this morning. I forced myself to put it down and get some sleep. I will be back on it after dinner. Life interferes ?

  7. Joy Noel Hart

    Sophie always keeps you wondering and wanting more. Looking forward to reading a book with her as the protagonist.

  8. Debbi Gonzales

    Making my way QUICKLY through the Lei Crime series & just ordered Wired In. I absolutely LOVE Toby Neal’s books! Would be so excited to receive a copy of Wired Rouge!!

  9. Walt Scrivens

    I love the Lei Crime series! Sophie is one of my faves, since I’m a computer geek myself! The whole series is a great blend of suspense, action, and a little romance to liven things up.

  10. Laura Broussard

    This is another great read from Ms. Neal. It was even better than the first one.

  11. Claudia Reed

    I am so anxious to read Wired Rogue! Hope I win a copy! The first book in the series was terrific. I thought it would make a great movie!

  12. Gail P

    Love all you books. Cant wait to continue more in this new series. Thanks for all the enjoyable stories set in my favorite destination.