#LeiCrimeKW Author Interview With A. Allen, S. Bury & J. Gilbert



These authors have returned to the Lei Crime Kindle World and discuss their new books and writing.

Which Lei Crime characters are you drawn to, and why?

Amy: Jared Stevens. I’d say for obvious reasons – LOL – but he’s hot, he’s a firefighter, he could get you out of any jam and has great survival skills. Did I mention he’s hot?

Scott: I like Pono Kaihale, Michael Stevens, Lei — realistic characters facing not just the challenges of the story, of a detective’s world, but also the day-to-day stuff that we all face, like paying bills, and bringing up kids, and having useless arguments with family members.

Julie: There are many compelling side characters to explore in the Lei Crime Series, but I’m still totally obsessed with FBI Special Agent Marcella Scott. That lady sure knows how to find trouble.

People say life can be stranger than fiction. Have you ever had an experience that you were able to include in a story?

Amy: Amazingly not and I’ve probably had some strange situations in my actual life.

Scott: The strangest thing that’s ever happened to me, at least according to my family members, is the time I chased a grizzly bear in Banff National Park. I have not had a chance to include that in a book, yet. I don’t know whether I ever will. While I have not included actual events in any of my books, many of my characters are based on people in my life. Sam Boyko from my first Lei Crime Kindle World novella, Torn Roots, is based on my younger son. And of course, my recurring protagonist, FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm, is based on my wife, Roxanne.

Julie: I’ve had dreams and fragments of dreams that I have put in a story. There was one dream with a dog running around my front yard which was literally covered in sausage links. The dog, of course, was trying to clear the front yard by eating all the sausage. I gave that dream to Jillian Blairington from the Devya’s Children series because she’s a dream shaper. I believe it shows up in Nadia’s Tears.

You have published others books for the Lei Crime Kindle World. What makes you continue writing for the series?

Amy: Masquerade Gone Awry is my 3rd book for Lei Crime Kindle World. I continue writing in this series because, first and foremost, I love and admire Toby. I also enjoy being part of this group of authors – they are fantastic. Last but not least, the support and help that is given in this world.

Scott: First, readers love them. I get more reader feedback on the Lei Crime books than anything else I write. Second, they’re a lot of fun to write. The act of creating these stories is so much fun. Part of that is the Hawaiian setting. The other part is that, for some reason, I’ve been able to write down story ideas and make them work in the Lei Crime world when I hadn’t been able to find a setting before.

Julie: There is a pretty lively author community on Facebook for LCKWs. That encourages engagement. Besides, there are just so many stories to write. Novellas are a nice, easy way to keep one’s skills sharp and continue to gather new readers who might not otherwise consider your works because they don’t hear about them.

If you were stuck on a desert island with characters from the Lei Crime World, who would they be, and why?

Amy: Jared Stevens. I’d say for obvious reasons – LOL – but he’s hot, he’s a firefighter, he could get you out of any jam and has great survival skills. Did I mention he’s hot?

Scott: First, my character, Sam Boyko, because he’s an awesome outdoorsman. And Pono, because he’s also a hunter and would be great for bringing in some food. Third, Vanessa, because she’s really my wife and I love her.

Julie: Tough question. Probably Jared Stevens or Marcella Scott. As a firefighter, Jared is probably very fit and used to working with his hands. Things like building shelter should be easy for him in theory. As for Marcella, well, hanging around her probably means somebody will be along soon to try and kill the lady, so we can steal their boat and escape, assuming we survive the initial attack of course. She’ll be fine. Lady’s got more lives than thirty cats. It’s me I’d be worried about.

What are your favorite themes to explore in your stories?

Amy: Romance, and some suspense. If I don’t continue Jared and Lana in a 4th book, I may explore a different theme – not sure quite yet.

Scott: Mystery, first — a puzzle to be worked out. I also like characters that don’t fit into accepted categories and who chafe against societal norms. But best of all, I love stories where the characters realize that one of their basic assumptions is wrong.

Julie: Try not to take this the wrong way—the themes that pop up regularly in the stories I write are kidnapping, human trafficking, genetic engineering, family ties, loyalty, and love.

Tell me about your latest Lei Crime Kindle World book.

Amy: My new book is Masquerade Gone Awry. Love conquers all … or does it?   After much hardship and strife, Lana’s life finally takes the fairy tale twist she’s anticipated for years. She’s getting married to the man of her dreams.   Jared Stevens never imagined settling down until Lana came along. He’s used to putting out fires, but the one she ignites in him should burn on forever. He’s finally ready to share his life with the perfect woman … and the wolf-hybrid she rescues … and much more.   What he’s not ready to share is his bride with the stalker from her past.   Will their masquerade wedding be the festive celebration of their life together or will a madman’s revenge steal the show?

Scott: My latest novella is Echoes. Important events echo through your life — FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm hears the plea of her high school sweetheart and is drawn into a war that sets Oahu on fire.

Julie: My seventh book in the Kindle World is Rescue in Reno. FBI Special Agent Marcella Scott is still officially on vacation in Las Vegas, but the previous night’s violence has made her aware of the crimes against humanity going on in the tunnels. Before she can investigate too hard, the bad guys get proactive. They kidnap Anthony Pierce, the husband of Marcella’s good friend, and warn her to back off. Predictably, she doesn’t react well to the threat. Marcella has several problems, including the fact that she’s being watched in Vegas while she really needs to be up in Reno if she wants to help Anthony. Much as she likes her independence, Marcella’s going to need some high tech and highly skilled allies if she wants to pull off a rescue in Reno.   Side note: You probably need to read Violence in Vegas first to get the most out of the story.*


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19 Responses to “#LeiCrimeKW Author Interview With A. Allen, S. Bury & J. Gilbert”

  1. Sandie Keeble

    It’s so exciting seeing more stories by some of my favourite LCKW authors. I’ve read all of Julie’s books (including Rescue in Reno) and thoroughly enjoy them. Like Amy I think that Jared is HOT, but he does deserve a happy ever after (like Stevens and Lei!) And I love Vanessa’s impact on her life! Can’t wait to get these new novellas.

  2. Debbi Gonzales

    I love reading these novellas. The expanding on the characters is so interesting. It brings them more to life. The authors do an awesome job at doing this. I get hooked on them, just like I did on the Lei crime series. 😊

    • Amy Hallmark

      Awesome – and if you’ve enjoyed my other two (New Beginnings and Holiday Surprises, I hope you enjoy Masquerade Gone Awry too).

  3. Cheryl

    Love that Toby gets to continue with Lei and all her stories by having other authors add new dimensions!!

  4. Chris vanKoeverden

    Love reading new authors and to have them part of Lei CrimeKW!

  5. sharon

    Love all of Tobys’ books. These novellas are great also-love how tg ey expand on her characters. Hope to read these soon.

  6. Joanie

    I am new to this series of books and most of these authors and am looking forward to reading them….on my to read list!!!

  7. Karin Stoil

    I love all the additional stories of the characters in the Lei Crime Series. There are so many interesting personalities, and interactions to explore. Keep them coming. I have loved the ones I have read so far and am becoming addicted to the Kindle world novellas.

  8. Toby

    I adore all of your writing and have so enjoyed watching your skills and characters develop as you’ve written more! Kudos on the terrific stories, I can’t wait to read them!

  9. Amy Hallmark

    I’m looking forward to reading Julie’s and Scott’s (gotta read about my town in Julie’s :P). And looking forward to hearing what everyone things of Masquerade (I so enjoyed writing this one – it is my favorite of the three though i love my other two in this series too 🙂 ).

    • Scott Bury

      Thanks, Amy. I’m looking forward to reading yours, too.

      And like you, I think that this latest LCKW of mine is my best. I hope readers agree.

  10. BONNIE Thompson

    Haha! So Amy thinks Jared is HOT! Who wouldda guessed? Julie, you already know how I feel about what you put poor Vanessa through! Scott, I’ve loved your writing from the very first round of novellas and am digging into your novels SOON!