8 New Books in the Lei Crime Kindle World


It’s hard to believe that the Lei Crime Series Kindle World has been around for more than 2 years! We now have 38 authors who have penned 71 novellas in a range of genres. Today, I am thrilled to have new authors join the world as we launch a fresh new batch of books.

Still don’t know what I’m talking about? Kindle Worlds are a wonderful place on Amazon where any writer can develop stories within an established World of known characters! So much fun to both read and write! Included are TV shows, graphic novels, comics, and of course, popular book series.

Our August releases have mystery, romance, suspense and a whole lot more in these fantastic books!

Book cover mercury bluesMercury Blues
AJ Llewellyn 

Former LAPD detective Mercury “Merc” Jones moves to Maui to start fresh as a private investigator, but trouble follows him. Can Lei and her partner Detective Pono Kaihale help Merc? Or will he wind up as fertilizer for some fine-looking blooms? Other Lei Crime stories by AJ.

book image shimmering illusionsSimmering Illusions
By Amy Allen

The danger’s in the past … or is it?

Lana’s nemesis has been caught.  But when Maui detective, Lei Texeira, informs Lana that the stalker’s lawyer has brought some of his family over for support, her perfect world starts to crack. Other Lei Crime stories by Amy.

Pay the Price
By Corinne O'Flynn

Sometimes justice is personal…

Nine months ago, Detective Leilani Texeira and Alicia Turner survived a series of brutal attacks meant to silence them. They thought that would end the matter, but a plea deal for the criminals stole true justice from them. Other Lei Crime stories by Corinne Flynn.

Book cover paradise deadParadise Dead
By D.B. McNicol

Hawaii – paradise or a death trap?

Ten friends gather in Kauai to fulfill the final wish of an old friend—the scattering of his ashes. One by one, they are beset by accidents. But could something more sinister be at play? Other Lei Crime stories by D.B.

Book coverAngel's Poison
By Dylan Keefer

Years ago, Raine fled the Big Island and made a life for herself in Washington, D.C. Now a well-respected criminal psychologist, she returns to Honolulu. All is well until there’s a high-profile murder that baffles the police. Can Raine push back the traumatic memories long enough to help the cops catch a killer? Other Kindle World books by Dylan.

Book cover sunflowerSunflower
By Fiona Manning

An unsolved murder, like a lost love, never leaves your heart.

As a child, Tiare Kaihale had a dark and difficult life, made beautiful by the aunt who raised her and her brother. Then there was also the incredible friendship she shared with her best friend, blonde and happy Sunflower Riley who vanishes. Old secrets, terrible ones, rise to the surface and Tiare becomes the target of the person who thought Sunflower was gone. Other Lei Crime stories by Fiona.

Book cover broken beginningsBroken Beginnings
By Kayla Dawn Thomas


Kauai attorney Weaver Ash always figured that title lay somewhere in his future, but not like this. April loved him, left him, and now claims her baby girl is also his. Other Lei Crime novels by Kayla Dawn.

Book cover deadly treasureDeadly Treasure
By N Kuhn

Sometimes when searching for long lost treasure, the deadliest thing may not be the mythical curse attached to it. Other Kindle World books by N.

Grab a book or two today!

If you want to get to know the authors of the Lei Crime Kindle World, join us today for a Facebook Launch Party! And there's no need to get dressed up for this party—you can enjoy the fun of the party in the comfort of your own home, sitting in your favorite chair. Join us today, August 17 from 5pm-10pm EST. Stop in and meet the authors, join in some fun and games, and of course, take advantage of the opportunity to win some free books and fabulous prizes. You don’t want to miss this!

Want To Win A Free Book?
Comment below on the thing you love most about Hawaii!

Angel's Poison (1 winner), by Dylan Keefer
The Bet's Off (1 winner) and Broken Beginnings (1 winner), by Kayla Dawn Thomas
The Half Moon Girls set (3 winners), by Corinne Flynn
Reader's Choice (3 winners) of a Corinne O'Flynn novel
$15 Amazon Gift Card (1 winner)
$10 Amazon Gift Card (1 winner)
Paradise Down (3 winners), by D.B. McNicol
The Storybook Murders (1 winner) by N Kuhn
The Girl and the Fireman Series (2 winners), by Amy Allen
Holiday Surprises (2 winners), by Amy Allen
Second Chances (2 winners), by Amy Allen

Winners will be selected September 1

41 Responses to “8 New Books in the Lei Crime Kindle World”

  1. Sandie Keeble

    As a European, there are lots of things I could mention – like the great weather and the food, the scenery and the wonderful beaches! But above all, it has to be the Hawaiian people – friendly with a laid back attitude to life and all it brings. Mahalo for bringing a little piece of their world to us.

    • Janet Malloy

      Hawaii is so much to enjoy. It has such beauty in the flowers, rain forests majestic mountains, the music and dancing, the pineapple fields , beautiful people , unique culture and history , and the amazing blue Pacific surrounding it to name only part of what you experience when you go to Hawaii. No place else can compare for sheer bliss.

  2. Felicia Thorn

    I’ve never been to Hawaii but I want to say the ocean, the beaches, the island life, and the people.

  3. Lisa Hudson

    The thing I like best is the history. I’m always intrigued with old Hawaii. My one & only visit (to date) was in 1972. I was 14. We were able to enjoy a multi-island visit. I remember purchasing books about the old Hawaii.

  4. Frances Gates

    I have never been. From all I have seen thru news media and books like Toby’s I can see it thru your eyes. It is truly a beautiful place. I can’t imagine getting to live there like you do. The culture and beauty of it all is beyond belief.

  5. Sandra VanOrder

    Hawaii has it all: ocean, mountain, desert and rainforest. One never tires of the beauty!

  6. Heather

    I love the peacefulness of Hawaii. The sense of calm, lack of urgency, and clean air – I love nothing more than to lounge on a chair, in the shade of a palm tree, listening to the surf while reading books. But a MaiTai or two wouldn’t be declined either.

  7. Debbi Gonzales

    Love Toby’s books. I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I can totally see it through Toby’s books. They are always gripping, heartfelt and full of suspense. Once I started reading them, I was hooke!

  8. Judy Kennedy

    Definitely the warm breezes filled with the scents of many flowers as well as the birds.

  9. Jeanne Maliner

    I haven’t been to Hawaii, but I travel there through the Lei Crime Series and all the Kindle World books that are based in Hawaii. Thank you for the chance to win. Good luck to the series, although I doubt you will need it.

  10. Gail

    I think the Lei series and the Crime World will be the closest I’ll get to Hawaii for awhile. I hope to go and see all the places mentioned in the books.

  11. Kimberly Brasher

    May was my first visit to Maui! I loved the people’s attitude that live there. Just go with the flow and love life. I started reading the Lei Crime Novels when I got home and found that I actually visited some of the exact same streets and places in the books. I love this series and can’t wait to get back to Maui again soon!

  12. Angie Lail

    I love so much about Hawaii, but mainly that my dad was born and grew up on Maui. So many wonderful memories of our time there together will always be precious to me.

  13. Bonnie T

    I love the way of life, the unconditional love and acceptance of people as they are.

  14. Cheryl D

    I have only experienced Hawaii through all the Lei Crime Series Books and the Paradise Crime Series Books but I have to say that it seems like such a great place. I have always wanted to visit there (if not for the forever long plane ride – LOL), but seeing it through the eyes of Toby Neal (and through her words) has made it seem like such a beautiful, tranquil, awesome place to be! I would even think about the plane ride after reading Toby’s books and seeing Toby’s pictures!!

  15. Erin

    There are a lot of great new reads in this collection. Readers won’t be disappointed.

  16. Jennie

    I lived in Hawaii for 5 years when I was stationed there with the Air Force. I love it there and hope to go back some day. I met my husband there and our first daughter was born on Oahu.

  17. Chris vanKoeverden

    Have never been to Hawaii – but the ocean would be the biggest draw for me!

  18. Karin Stoil

    I love the waterfalls, flowers, scents, ocean, sealife, the people, the history, the Aloha spirit, the hula, chickens on Kauai, beaches, fresh coconuts, the food, and the parks, and volcanoes. Those are some of the things I love about Hawaii.

  19. Teresa

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I have friends that have been and I’ve done a lot of research and I have to say, it would be the beautiful flowers that would attract me, the smell of a hibiscus would be Heaven to me.

  20. sharon

    I love everything about Maui-the Friday festivals on different parts of the island. The plate lunches. Seeing humpbacks/dolphins swimming in the ocean. The wonderful aloha spirt.

  21. Amy Hallmark

    I’m not entering. I’ve only been on Oahu (and spent a couple days on Kauai (over New Year’s 91/92 so before Iniki) – but I love the laid back feeling and the beauty. I loved the year (or close to) I lived on Oahu in 91/92. I’m ready to go back but this time to Maui to see all the places I’ve been writing about. LOL – and on correction for my giveaways – there will be 2 winners for my full novel Surprises, not Holiday Surprises (Holiday Surprises will be included in the Girl and the Firman series). <3

  22. Gayle Spinell-Gellers

    Early one morning I did tai chi alone in a lush garden at my hotel on the Big Island. As I returned to the building I glanced back. One turtle was resting on the beach facing the ocean as the sun rose. It was breathtaking. There have been many such moments for me on each of the islands I have been to. Those moments recharge my soul to this day.

  23. Wayne taylor

    Hawaii has always been the most beautiful place on earth ,but it is the Aloha spirit of it,s people that make it that way

  24. Sandra Annis

    The Hawaiian people. We could all learn true Aloha from them and the world would be a better place.

  25. Becky Rankin

    I love the scenery, fruit and every thing like that about Hawaii! Its beauty!

  26. Tara Brown

    I have never been to Hawaii, so my favorite thing is learning about its beauty and the wonderful people!

  27. Renee Maxey

    I love, love, love snorkeling in Maui with The Pacific Whale Foundation!

  28. Kayla Dawn Thomas

    I’m not entering the contest, but couldn’t resist reminiscing about my honeymoon split between Maui and Kauai. The latter was my favorite. It had a slower pace, more of a small town feel. This was 19 years ago, so I don’t know if that vibe still holds true. As a person who is always cold, I loved the constant balmy temperature.

  29. Arletta

    I have never been to Hawaii but I imagine I’d love eating fresh pineapple and sitting on the beach.

  30. Sue Devers

    Never having been there, I would have to say probably the weather–including rain!

  31. Chris Kilikina Myrick

    As kamaaina I enjoy reading the Lei Crime Series about places I have been or even where I live, and the possible nod to actual persons is intriguing. I don’t think I have ever read anything that touched so close to home. Can’t wait to read more!

  32. Mary Lane

    The waves in Makaha on Oahu!
    Oh they are so beautiful! Powerful, magnificent, and majestic too! I would float for hours on those waves at the quiet side of the ocean beach. However, I would watch the surfers on the roaring side of the beach and think if I could catch just one wave and coast in, ah that would be lovely! So I gathered my courage and watched for a break in surfer activity and swam out thinking “this i just right.” . Until the really really big wave came and curled over my ahead and I looked up and saw a surfer bearing down on top of me. His expression of shock at finding me there told me I was in the wrong WRONG place. He veered away from me. The wave crashed down on me with all the weight and fury of a freight train. I curled into a ball and bounced along wherever the wave wanted to take me, holding my breath, and hoping to end up somewhere safe. I houghtthe churning wave would never let me go as I scraped along the sand and stone. Finally, utterly exhausted, it let me go! Ah. Those waves at Makaha won my undying respect that day!

  33. Lacey Waters

    Since I’ve never been there, I’d have to say the legends and stories. But I can imagine I would love the warm beach!

  34. Terry Trahan

    I’ve never been to Hawaii, YET. It is on my bucket list. I am sure I would love th e gorgeous landscape surrounded by the brilliant blue Pacific waters. I want to participate in a luau and experience the Hawaiian culture.

  35. Terry Myers

    I love the Ohana attitude of Hawaiians, even towards those of us who are just visiting. Mahalo to all the Hawaiians on all their islands!