Wired Dark

Wired Dark, book 4 of Paradise Crime Series, is here!

Paradise can’t contain a thirst for revenge.
Tech security specialist Sophie Ang returns to Maui, working alongside dynamic partner Jake Dunn to solve a series of bizarre and escalating threats against a rocker with a beach mansion. But soon, catching a crazed stalker becomes the least of Sophie’s problems: a deadly enemy is hell-bent to take her down along with anyone she cares about. Sophie’s very identity is tested as she grapples with issues of conscience and survival in a struggle that takes her to the edge of heartbreak, and beyond.

Advance readers rave! 

“Leave it to Toby Neal to come up with another fascinating story. She should be crowned The Queen of Suspense. All her characters are so real that when something “bad” happens to them I want to message Toby and ask her “how could you?”
This was truly a dark phase in Sophie's life, occasionally interrupted by moments of light made of love, friendship, and trust, but there's so much to hope for in the end and the veil of darkness will vanish by dawn.
I love Lei, Marcella, Jake, Todd/Connor and all her other characters, but Sophie is my favorite by far. She's growing stronger and more beautiful with each story. As Jake said in the book, “she's the baddest badass.”
I don't know how patient I will be until Wired Dawn is published, but I will be ready because I will re-read Sophie' story from the beginning…  I never read a thriller twice, however, the “Wired” series are more than your classical mystery novels.
If you're ready to hold your breath and drop everything for a few good hours, find your most comfy chair and start reading!
~Laura P., Goodreads


“Toby Neal just can't help herself. She's written another breathtaking, amazing thriller. Great characters, lots of suspense. Can't wait for Wired Dawn.” ~Paula S., Goodreads


“Wired Dark is as compelling and intriguing as any n this series that I've read and reviewed. Sophie, Connor, Lei, Jake, and all that Sophie comes in contact with are so lifelike, it's extremely difficult to put down this as was the other three. I received my arc copy yesterday evening, and here it is 1:30 a.m,  I've finished and I'm up writing this.
EVERYONE ought to be as anxious as I was to read this next saga. If for some reason you've been off the planet and haven't imbibed in these or the Lei series yet, come home and do it!!” ~Myron, Goodreads
As I sat here in central Florida, waiting and anticipating this book, and the next, I was not disappointed.
It's, again, intriguing, hard to stop reading,novel, that no one should miss.
Kudos again Toby!



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