The Lei Crime Series Kindle World in Order: ends July 15, 2018


The Lei Crime Series Kindle World ends July 15, 2018.

I'm sad to announce that Amazon has decided to discontinue the licensed fan fiction Kindle Worlds program, and after July 15, 2018, these many wonderful novellas will no longer be related or associated to Lei Crime Series in any way. Grab them now, before they disappear! Scroll down to see where they fall in the main books' order, some details, and buy links to help you choose your favorites.

Lei Crime Series Kindle World was a fun place, sponsored by Amazon, where for three years where other authors could expand, develop, and play with my characters and World. These many new stories are filled with intrigue, imagination, heart, and suspense. Jared, Marcella, Abe, Wayne, the Changs, and even Keiki have wonderful lives explored in the pages of the Kindle Worlds novellas. Additionally, many new characters are presented including Weaver Ash, Dee Martin, Lana Tai’igi, Sydney Belvedere, Lainey Lee, Mercury Jones, the Thompson twins, Aunty Bee and more, solving crimes, exploring the unknown,  and finding love.

When do these novellas occur in relation to the main series…?

That’s a question I often hear from readers. There are more than 80 novellas to explore from dozens of authors and the following is a general order of when the stories take place, and a few of the characters they contain.

Lei Crime Series Canon Books order in which written (and chronologically)

Blood Orchids
Torch Ginger
Black Jasmine
Stolen in Paradise 
(Marcella Scott)
Broken Ferns

Twisted Vine
(Dr. Wilson)
Shattered Palms
Dark Lava
Fire Beach
Rip Tides

Wired In (Paradise Crime Series with Sophie Ang) Series timeline begins around Rip Tides.
Bone Hook
 (Bone Hook jumps ahead five years in Lei and Michael’s timeline)
Red Rain
Bitter Feast

Lei Crime Kindle World novellas and where they intersect with Lei Crime Series stories: 

Rough Road (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Toby Neal
Twenty-one year old Lei Texeira meets Emily Kimelman's Sydney Rye on vacation, and they solve a crime and make discoveries.

Born to Love (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Amy Shojai
Explores Keiki’s first heroic act saving Api when she is targeted by a stalker.

Trained  to Serve (Sequel to Born to Love)
By Amy Shojai
Ten-month-old Keik is sent to protect a young girl, but a killer is on the loose.

Called to Protect (Keiki & Lia, Book 3)
By Amy Shojai
Year old Rottweiler Keiki flourishes when she finds her purpose protecting her trainer Lia, but now something’s very wrong—on the inside. How can she do her job and defend family when her body betrays her?

Fireweed Trail (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Craig Hanson
Teen Lei solves a murder during a wilderness camp for teens. Encounter shapes her character.

Dragon Touched (Before Blood Orchids, on Hilo)
By Carol Shenold
The fate of the world rests with unlikely heroes. Power comes with a terrible price. Katsuko’s not exactly normal, but she’s never truly been challenged either.

The Shell Keeper (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Christine Nolfi
On vacation in South Carolina, Lei discovers the sorcery of belief and the love promised to her future.

Princess Eyes, Part 1 & 2 (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Lucas Kana
Young Stevens solves his first very nasty crime. Great twist by end of the second book.

Never Again (Prequel to Blood Orchids)
By Julie Gilbert
Young Michael Stevens has the relationship that drives him to become a cop. Suspense from his good friend’s POV.

The Shell Seeker (Prequel to Blood Orchids, Sequel to The Shell Keeper)
By Christine Nolfi
While still on vacation, the magic of Lei’s intuition will solve the case of the missing Pirate Necklace, and save a local woman from unspeakable loss.

A Snake in Paradise (Blood Orchids period, Big Island)
By Eden Baylee
A recent divorcee encounters a nasty con artist and solves a crime.

Pele’s Revenge (Before Torch Ginger, on the Big Island)
By J.M. Calverley
Detective Reef Kahili, newly back on the Big Island, teams up with Pono Kaihale to investigate a body buried in the lava. Did someone get unlucky or were they murdered?

Moana’s Secrets (Before Torch Ginger, Sequel to Pele’s Revenge, on the Big Island)
By J.M. Calverley
When two people who have a piece of Detective Reef Kahili’s heart are taken, on the Big Island of Hawai’i, the clock starts ticking. A kidnapper seems to be targeting him. But why?

Half Moon Girls (Torch Ginger period, Kauai)
By Corinne O’Flynn
Super well-written mystery with Lei solving a sex kidnapping case.

Tell the Truth,  Half Moon Girls Book 2 (Torch Ginger period, Kauai. Sequel to Half Moon Girls)
By Corinne O’Flynn
A murder brings Lei into the crosshairs of the syndicate who want to silence the witnesses from the Half Moon Girls case.

Pay the Price (After Blood OrchidsHalf Moon Girls, Part 3)
By Corinne O’Flynn
Lei and Alicia Turner get another chance at solving a sex slave case.

Poliahu’s Payback (Before Torch Ginger, After Moana’s Secret on the Big Island)
By J.M. Calverley
Detective Reef Kahili of the Hilo PD, along with Officer Pono Kaihale are investigating a suspicious death on sacred mountain of Mauna Kea

Seal of a Monk (Torch Ginger period, Kauai)
By Eden Baylee
The same divorcee in A Snake in Paradise solves another mystery on Kauai, intersecting with a cult. Vivid characters!

Black Sand (After Torch Ginger)
By Aliyah Burke
Natasha Zion receives word from Detective Texeria that her best friend had died while in Hawaii.

The Bet’s Off,  ‘Aina Ranch book 1 (After Torch Ginger)
By Kayla Dawn Thomas
Introduces new characters Vale Harper, Jack Jenkins, and Weaver Ash who are involved in solving a mystery on Vale’s ranch.

Broken Beginnings, ‘Aina Ranch book 2 (After Torch Ginger)
By Kayla Dawn Thomas
Daddy. Kauai attorney Weaver Ash always figured that title lay somewhere in his future, but not like this

Hostile Hearts, ‘Aina Ranch book 3 (After Torch Ginger)
By Kayla Dawn Thomas
Rest. Relaxation. Revenge? ‘Aina Ranch is the perfect place for a weekend getaway … until it’s not.

Money Makes it Deadlier (A year before Stolen in Paradise)
By Julie Gilbert
Action packed! Marcella solves a bank robbery mystery in Honolulu

Revenge Makes it Sweeter (Before Stolen in Paradise; sequel to Money Makes It Deadlier)
By Julie Gilbert
A shocking photo snapped by Abe’s date for a wedding, his Lieutenant, Cherry Joy Omura, reveals a surprising face in the crowd.

Violence in Vegas, Eagle Eyes Book 1 (Before Stolen in Paradise, Marcella Scott)
By Julie Gilbert
Marcella helps a friend and finds lots of trouble, as usual.

Esther’s Gift (Backstory of psychic wisewoman Esther Ka’awai who appears in Torch Ginger)
By Bette Lee Crosby
A flashback to hurricane Iniki and a look into the future of Esther’s life.

Rescue in RenoEagle Eyes Book 2 (Before Stolen in Paradise, after Violence in Vegas, Marcella Scott)
By Julie Gilbert
The Biggest Little City might be the death of her. Marcella has to rescue her friend’s kidnapped husband.

Danger in Dallas, Eagle Eyes Book 3 (Before Stolen in Paradise, after Rescue in Reno, Marcella Scott)
By Julie Gilbert
Disaster awaits Marcella Scott down in the Big D

Revenge Makes it Sweeter
By Julie Gilbert
Marcella solves an assassination and revenge plot in this fast-paced story.

Mercury Blues
By A.J. Llewellyn
Former LAPD detective Mercury Jones moves to Maui to start afresh as a private investigator but trouble follows him.

Hidden Poppies (Stolen in Paradise cast and period)
By M.L. Doyle
Marcella and Ken solve a drug smuggling mystery intersecting with the military on Oahu. Suspenseful, emotional, gritty.

Christmas Makes it Chaos (Stolen in Paradise period)
By Julie Gilbert
Marcella goes to Philadelphia for an anti-terrorism conference and ends up investigating a real terrorist threat.

Treachery Makes it Tense (1 year before Stolen in Paradise)
By Julie Gilbert
Special Agent Marcella Scott expects the danger to fall to her. She does not expect her FBI partner’s entire family to disappear

Coffee and Kukui Nuts (Lei on Maui time frame)
By A.J. Llewellyn
A fun mystery with Abe Torufu solving a bomb-related crime on Oahu. Funny and vivid characters.

Pineapples and Pearls
By Gale Deitch
A mystery involving Marcella Scott and a surfer. Marcella’s mother, Anna Scatalina, is a main character in the story.

Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes  (sequel to Coffee and Kukui Nuts)
By A.J. Llewellyn
Set one month after Coffee and Kukui Nuts. Features Abe Torufu again, in a developing romance with Lt. C.J. Omura. There’s wedding cake, and an unexploded World War II bomb.

The Road to San Pancho (Jared Stevens, after Twisted Vine)
By Lynda Filler
What purpose brought Peace and her new friend Jared together on the open highway to a Mexican border beyond the distant, sun-drenched horizon before them? An engaging novel that takes the reader on a compelling journey.

Narco Orphans (Jared Stevens, after Twisted Vine)
By Lynda Filler
Feisty Peace and her new friend, Jared, experience trouble, and action in San Pancho in this fast-paced novel.

Coconut Island  (Comes after Twisted Vine)
By J.L. Oakley
Ace TV reporter Wendy Watanabe investigates a decades-old mystery steeped in her own family’s history. Lei and Pono help. The devastating 1946 tsunami that wiped out Hilo frames the story.

Rocky Bluff (Just before Black Jasmine)
By Kim Hornsby
Detective Lei Texiera witnesses a tragic death during a theatrical rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at Maui’s Iao Theater. Lei goes undercover in the bizarre theatrical rendition of a Narcissistic Transsexual Scientist and his band of weirdos.

Charade at Sea (Black Jasmine period)
By Eden Baylee
Lainey Lee and ex-Navy SEAL, Max Scott, shared an incredible experience when they met in Kauai. A romantic cruise around the Hawaiian Islands seems perfect for discovering if they can become more than just friends.

Tough Choices (Between Black Jasmine and Shattered Palms)
By Terry Ambrose
The story brings Pono to Honolulu for a temporary assignment on an interagency drug task force.  Pono Kaihale’s cousin Marty Fitch arrives in the islands determined to reinvent himself—even if it kills him.

One of Her Own (Comes after Shattered Palms)
By Shawn McGuire
Rising MMA star, Gemi Kittredge, helps Lei solve the murder of a fellow boxer while also taking on the Yakuza crime world to find her missing sister.

Stealing Honolulu
By Terry Ambrose
Marty Fitch and his cousin Pono Kaihale investigate a freak accident causing the death of their friend, Jake.

Dark Dawn (Set right after Shattered Palms)
By Fiona Manning
Features Tiare Kaihale, wife of Pono Kaihale, as an amateur sleuth in her own mystery deep in the heart of Maui. A twisty thriller in which she hunts for two missing aunts and a baby.

Out of Her League – Gemi Kittredge Book 2 (After Shattered Palms)
By Shawn McGuire
One month ago, life for Gemi Kittredge meant college classes and mixed martial arts title fights. Now, her sister is missing, and Gemi is prepared to do whatever it takes to find her calling on her friend, Lei, they take on the Yakuza crime bosses.

Dead Man Lying (18 months after Shattered Palms)
By Scott Bury
She knows when you’re lying…FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm is back on Maui to catch a killer.

Dead Flow (Between Shattered Palms and Dark Lava)
By Malcolm Aylward
New detective Gabriella (Gaby) Texeira, Lei’s cousin from California, is tasked to investigate the brutal murder of a local hula girl on Oahu. She attempts to recruit Polynesian antiquities expert, Jake Kahanamoku, to help locate the killer before any more innocent lives are taken.

Palm Trees & Snowflakes (set during second Christmas season following Shattered Palms)
By Scott Bury
FBI Special Agent Vanessa Storm and her partner, Special Agent Ken Yamada must solve a baffling drug smuggling case in Oahu.

Over Her Head, Gemi Kittredge Mysteries Book 3 (After Dark Lava)
By Shawn McGuire
When women go missing in Maui, the island’s newest rookie cop is on the job.

KAPU (During Fire Beach period)
By Dave Schoonover
Lei and several new characters solve a complicated, ritualistic murder on Maui.

Soga’s Second Chance (over the course of many years on the timeline until current)
By Patricia Sands
Soga Matsumoto was the grandfather that Lei Texeira never knew. Later life, Soga, at a Buddhist retreat in Kyoto, Japan, a coincidental meeting with a woman from his past occurs, offering him the opportunity to begin to live again.

Valley Isle Secrets (Fire Beach period)
By Rasana Atrya
Wayne Texeira’s life couldn’t get any better. He’s out of prison. He’s rebuilding his relationship with his daughter. He has a new ladylove.

Warrior Dog (Fire Beach time period)
By Emily Kimelman
A retelling of Fire Beach through the eyes of Lei’s beloved Rottweiler, Keiki. here was more going on than the humans even knew!

Echoes (Fire Beach period)
By Scott Bury
A Vanessa Storm mystery that echoes over 15 years.

Paradise Down (After Fire Beach)
By Donna B. McNicol
When Lucia Santerez returns home to Hawaii to help her brother Nicholás with his new dive shop, she learns Nicholás has disappeared–and someone doesn’t want him found.

Paradise Drift (shortly after Fire Beach)
By D.B. McNicol
A fiery explosion sets a new course for the passengers on a charter boat. Will anyone’s lives be the same?

Spark My Desire (After Fire Beach)
By Noelle Pierce
One pageant queen, one sexy firefighter, one week in L.A: Jared Stevens meets a special lady.

Paradise Dead (After Fire Beach)
By D.B. McNicol
Ten friends gather in Kauai to fulfill the final wish of an old friend – the scattering of his ashes. One by one, they are beset by accidents.

Hoaka Moonshine (Rip Tides period)
By Laurie Hanan
Dee Maltin leaves O’ahu for Maui and gets caught up in the woman’s quest for the truth about her birth and finds herself over her head in a Hawaiian-kine mystery

Of Rainbows and Butterfly Wings (After Rip Tides, before Bone Hook)
By Ron Logan
Maui County Medical Examiner, Dr. Phillip Gregory seeks the truth about a lost love. The answers could lead to truths that free him of his burdens, or they could kill him.

Volcano House (Auntie Bea, 1 year after Rip Tides)
By JL Oakley
Auntie Bee is turning 80 and her book club wants to celebrate at Volcano House. But an ancient murder, a valuable manuscript, and mischief could really foul up their book club choice.

Hilna Pali (15 months after Rip Tides, 3 months after Volcano House)
By JL Oakley
Upon the 77th anniversary of a man’s tragic fall from Hilini Pali, someone is sending out mysterious envelopes. Their contents speak of a grave injustice involving blame for the old accident. (Auntie Bee, Wendy W, Stevens)

The Road to San Pancho
By Linda Filler
Edge-of-your seat mystery starring Jared Stevens.

Saddle Road (Just after Fire Beach/Rip Tides)
By J.L.  Oakley
An atmospheric mystery involving veterans and Lei and Pono solving a gritty case on the Big Island.

Narco Orphans
By Linda Filler
Front to back, this gripping novella brings an adrenalin rush of anticipation as scenes play out from the caramel sands of San Pancho.

Torn Roots (Rip Tides period)
By Scott Bury
Great mystery involving conservation in Hana with Pono as the main character

New Beginnings, The Girl and The Fireman Book 1 (After Rip Tides and KAPU)
By Amy Allen
Jared Stevens has always had a love ’em and leave ’em policy about women until he meets Lana. She awakens feelings in him he thought impossible.

Holiday SurprisesThe Girl and The Fireman Book 2
By Amy Allen
Can Jared, Michael, and Lana’s brother Rob save Lana before it’s too late?

Unforeseen Danger (Comes before Bone Hook)
By Patricia Logan
Jack Jenkins brother Lane has disappeared on the Mainland. When Jack flies in to assist his partner, the two men find themselves in a fight to get to Lane in time to save his life.

Masquerade Gone AwryThe Girl and the Fireman Book 3
By Amy Allen
Love conquers all…or does it?

Elysium Tombstones (Just prior to Bone Hook)
By R.S. Guthrie
The three-year-old, unsolved ‘Opuni murder has brought her husband and ex-SEAL Tommy Lanigan to the island to look up his old friend Pono Kaihale.

Simmering IllusionsThe Girl and the Fireman Book 4 (Before Bone Hook)
By Amy Allen
The danger’s in the past…or is it?

Motive (After Red Rain)
By Mira Gibson
A cozy mystery that can be read in under two hours.

Hidden Designs (Present Day, Ken Yamada)
By ML Doyle
Three days of sun and sea surrounded by the opulence of a 450-foot mega-yacht is as romantic as it gets.

Mercury Mojito
By A.J. Llewellyn
Maui-based private investigator Mercury Jones is in sunny Waikiki for a romantic week-long vacation with his new love. But things go awry before he even sets foot off the plane.

Satan's Torment, Book 3 Raine Michelson Files
By Dylan Keefer
Bank robbery turned hostage situation Micah and Eli must work together to get out of this situation, but Eli has other plans in mind. Satan can't resist a chance to torment Raine even if that means messing with others and not her directly.

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