New Books and Box Sets in the #LeiCrimeKW


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Since 2016, readers have been raving about the Lei Crime Series Kindle World. With over 80 stories written by dozens of authors, there is something for everybody, whether you’re a fan of mystery, thrillers, historical fiction, contemporary, or romance stories, the Lei Crime Series Kindle World will fuel your reading desires. Recently, all Kindle World books were added to Amazon's subscription reading program, Kindle Unlimited, so you could binge on them as part of that 9.99 a month! 🙂

This month there are nine new novellas being added to the World and five new box sets. Check them out below and be sure to comment on this blog to be entered to win some fabulous prizes from the authors!

Poliahu’s Payback (Detective Reef Kahili Book 3)
By JM Calverley
Jealousy, lies, old loves, new loves. People change even if they look the same.
Hawai'i is known for golden sand beaches and turquoise waters but with winter, comes snow on the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea. Detective Reef Kahili of the Hilo PD, along with Officer Pono Kaihale are investigating a suspicious death on the mountain.

Danger in Dallas (Eagle Eyes Book 3)
By Julie Gilbert
Disaster awaits her down in the Big D…
After encountering the wrong kind of crazy in Vegas and Reno, Marcella Scott goes to Dallas to relax and check out a hotel for her friends. Par for her luck, she gets kidnapped in broad daylight and taken to a madman’s mansion.

Satan’s Torment
By Dylan Keefer
Bank robbery turned hostage situation Micah and Eli must work together to get out of this situation, but Eli has other plans in mind. Satan can't resist a chance to torment Raine even if that means messing with others and not her directly.
Did Eli have something to do with this hostage situation, or is this just a coincidence?

Mercury Mojito (Mercury Jones Book 3)
By AJ Llewellyn
Mercury’s hunt for a homicidal bartender gives new meaning to killer cocktail.
Maui-based private investigator Mercury Jones is in sunny Waikiki for a romantic week-long vacation with his new love. But things go awry before he even sets foot off the plane.

Paradise Drift (Paradise Trilogy Book 3)
By DB McNicol
A fiery explosion sets a new course for the passengers on a charter boat.
What is intended as a relaxing vacation for three childhood friends and their partners becomes a fiery inferno and not everyone will escape. When the survivors gather a year later, they find themselves involved in a surprising investigation into the events of the prior year. Will anyone’s lives be the same?

book coverHilina Pali
By JL Oakley
The truth hurts, but can it also kill? Upon the 77th anniversary of a man’s tragic fall from Hilini Pali, someone is sending out mysterious envelopes. Their contents speak of a grave injustice involving blame for the old accident. When Auntie Bee receives one of her own, she joins a local historian and her great-niece, TV crime reporter, Wendy, to discover who sent the envelopes.

book cover

Called To Protect: Keiki & Lia Thriller #3
By Amy Shojai
A police dog’s job is to protect and serve…no matter what.
Year old Rottweiler Keiki flourishes when she finds her purpose protecting her trainer Lia, but now something’s very wrong—on the inside. How can she do her job and defend family when her body betrays her? When a police job goes wrong, Keiki must overcome her instincts to save her human. Through the process, she’ll discover that home isn’t a place—it’s a person.

book coverHostile Hearts (‘Aina Ranch Book 3)
By Kayla Dawn Thomas
‘Aina Ranch is the perfect place for a weekend getaway…until it’s not.
Vale’s guest ranch is finally up and running. She expects a fun but hectic time catering to the needs of the Paradise Patchers at their annual retreat and teaching newbies how to ride horses. But somebody has other ideas. The pranks start small, amusing even, but they quickly escalate. If she doesn’t catch the culprit quickly, somebody’s bound to get hurt.

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Readers can now immerse themselves in Lei Crime Series Kindle World novellas with these new box sets!

Box set coverEagle Eyes Trilogy
By Julie Gilbert



box set coverThe Girl and the Fireman Series Box Set
By Amy Allen Hallmark



box set coverGemi Kittridge: A Lei Crime World Trilogy
By Shawn McGuire




box set coverHalf Moon Girls Trilogy
By Corinne O’Flynn




box set coverKeiki & Lia Thriller Series Box Set
By Amy Shojai





What do you love about the Lei Crime Kindle World and/or the Lei Crime Series?

Prizes include:

  • $10 Amazon Gift Card (3 winners);
  • eBooks of  Holiday Surprises, Second Chances, and A Heart Recognized in the Many Lives of Brandi series, as well as an eBook of the companion novella, A Life Less Ordinary: The Diary of Brandi Nicole Stewart by Amy Allen Hallmark (1 winner);
  • Half Moon Girls Trilogy by Corinne O’Flynn (3 winners);
  • A 10$ Amazon Gift and Swag from AJ Llewellyn (1 winner);
  • Rhinestone paw earrings/necklace set (1 winner, US only);
  • eBook of Complete Puppy Care by Amy Shojai (1 copy);
  • Complete Kitten Care by Amy Shojai (1 copy);
  • First in series of Lost and Found, by Amy Shojai (2 winners);
  • Poliahu's Payback by JM Calverley (1 winner);
  • A necklace with a book saying (1 winner);
  • Paperbacks of Tackling Summer and Fighting for Fall by Kayla Dawn Thomas (1 winner);
  • A set of all three of Paradise eBooks by DB McNicol (1 winner);
  • Winner's choice of a Paradise eBook by DB McNicol (3 winners);
  • eBooks of One of Her Own and Family Secrets, by Shawn McGuire (1 winner);
  • Money Makes it Deadlier or Violence in Vegas (first in series for Shadow Council or Eagle Eyes), by Julie Gilbert (3 winners);
  • Postcard Pack (3 winners)


111 Responses to “New Books and Box Sets in the #LeiCrimeKW”

  1. Karin

    It’s exciting to see so many new book here to read. I can’t wait to start reading the new Lei Crime KWBs!

  2. Ruth Gutscher

    I have found new authors & reads,& I love mysteries and books written in different locations,have read a lot based in the south,so Hawaii is a treat,makes me feel like I am there.
    Thank you for the chance

    • Donna B. McNicol

      Hi Ruth! It was great meeting you at the party. I hope you will try both my Lei Crime books set in Hawaii as well as my Klondike mystery books set in small town Pennsylvania (with a dash of Montana in book 3). 🙂

  3. Linda

    Love reading on my Kindle and IPad. Have read many of Toby Neal’s books. Enjoyed all of them.

  4. Sandie Keeble

    There are some fabulous new titles in the Kindle World. Can’t wait to get hold of some!

  5. Jeanne Maliner

    Excellent party. Great stories. The addition to the Lei Crime Series is fabulous. Can’t wait to read the new books.

  6. Diane Tosney

    Awesome prizes, but I could really use a maid, so I have more time for reading!

  7. Krystle Smith

    Love Keiki, can’t wait to read all about just her and her adventures. I wish Atleast one of my dogs obeyed commands like she does.

  8. Julie Blumke

    I’m so excited. I can’t wait to start reading the books I’ve chosen.

  9. Neena Martin

    I love these books and am so happy that I can now read more in KU. You have made it very easy for me to find and read new to me authors, thank you very much.

  10. Pat Wialson

    Love to read & I read a book a day especially when there is a ice storm going on. thanks for the chance for more new books.

  11. Loreen Lindsey

    I loved watching Lei evolve and grow emotionally in the Lei Crime series. It’s also fun to read the kw books. Meeting new friends while hanging out with old friends – love it!

  12. Susi Galley

    Before reading the Lei Crime series I did not know much about Hawaii. Now I want to go there and it made my bucket list. I really enjoy the setting.

    • Janet oakley

      Hawaii is a special place. I went out on a one way ticket in 1969. Stayed, went to UH and met my husband there. There are ways to do it not so expensively.

  13. Diane Lowe

    New Lei books can’t wait to read them I am so glad to have found Toby Neal books.

  14. MS Barb

    I haven’t read any of these books yet (so many books & not enough time!) but I enjoy books w/ settings in Hawaii! 🙂

  15. Virginia Jones

    I enjoy mystery and suspense stories. Toby Neal provides plenty of that. I also love Hawaii, I actually took a trip there a few years ago so I’m familiar with the road to Hanna and a few places. Refreshes the memories.

  16. Susan

    I love the Leicrime books, and just downloaded several from the books series above. Finished the two I had about Kiki’s story, and part way in another.
    Makes me want to go back to Hawaii, and visit some of the other islands 🌴

  17. Joseph s

    Why are all your readers women? I am a man and I love the story about a strong woman! I think you are missing out by not marketing your books to men. I think there’s a big market out here for men like me he would love your books.

    • Corinne O'Flynn

      Glad to see you here, Joseph! Lei totally rocks. I wonder what the ratio of men and women fans is–no doubt it’s heavily female. Curious to know if the marketing is aimed at women or if women are just more active in the places where authors advertise.

    • Amy Hallmark

      And we actually do have some male writes – Dylan is one of them and he does mystery. Also check out Scott Bury, David Schoonover, and Ron Logan. They all write great stories about strong women that are more on the mystery side.

  18. Diane

    Enjoyed meeting authors and sharing at the party! I’m looking forward to reading more by Janet Oakley, Donna McNicol and Kayla Thomas.

  19. mary wright

    I’m new here, I haven’t read any of these authors, so if I win, I hope it’s the first book in a series or if I’m really lucky the whole boxed set!!! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  20. Jamie

    I am so excited to find these! Tons of amazing books by amazing people! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win and of course all the stories! 🙂

  21. Jessica Parrett

    I love all of Tony Neal books. And have started reading some of her other authors books now too! Amazing people!

    • Corinne O'Flynn

      Marie! You’re a winner over in the Ohana group… I tagged you in that post with the big winner on it. Email me and I will send you your prize from my giveaway!

  22. Donna Keefe

    Love how all the stories and characters are related and interlocked, can’t read enough, still have a lot of catching up to do. Read almost all the Lei books and Sophie, Excited to meet the other characters and learn more!

  23. Debbi Lund-Gonzales

    LOVED THE PARTY!! I met so many different authors & found so many new books I want to read!! I had no idea of how many authors are in the Kindle World. I would love to read all of them! So
    many books &not enough money😕

  24. Angel Crum

    This is a fun way to find new authors and try out their books!! Thank you for the party!!

  25. Diane L. Hill

    I love the Lei books especially set in Hawaii, an entertaining read with colourful characters. ‘The Viking’, is also a fantastic book and I look forward to reading more of these Viking tales as I do create Viking jewellery and am interested in that era. I read all books on my IPad now and read every single night.

  26. Diane L. Hill

    I love the Lei books, so entertaining and really enjoy the ones set in Hawaii, I read every single night on my IPad!

  27. Vicki Hancock

    Love that there are more books to read in the Lei crime world. Started reading the series because I got a freebie book and am hooked.

  28. Sandy Prout

    If it says it’s part of the Lei crime series, I want them. I’ll read anything by anyone connected to this group !

    • Amy Hallmark

      Awesome. With some many of us to choose from – you’ll be set 🙂

  29. Andrea McLachlan

    I know everyone loves winning things but this was a wonderful occasion, and I have added to my friends list, and my knowledge of the wonderful stories that are available to read. Thank you so much Toby for doing this!

  30. Kathleen Meeker

    I needed something to read in between the Lei crime series and the new Wired Justice and this group of titles is the perfect list to pick from. I especially enjoy learning more about the Hawaiian culture.

  31. Carol Smith

    Looking forward to reading all the Kindle World Lei Crime offerings.

  32. Jackie

    Love the books. When you’re immersed in them, time passes before you know it and looking forward to the new ones.

  33. Karen

    I love the Lei Crime series and am excited to read more of the KW (my initials!) books!

  34. Jodie

    So many books I can’t wait to read, just need to find the time cause once I start it’s so hard to stop. I’m so glad I came across one of your free books, I believe it was thru BookHub or Good Reads, can’t remember. But, I’m excited to lose myself in all the ebooks I have waiting for me.

  35. Edie Chase

    The Kindle World books are cool because, there’s lots of different styles to pick from.

  36. Donna B. McNicol

    I had such fun at the party – so many new friends (and hopefully readers) made. While my trilogy is complete, it looks like the Thompson Twins may be their own book in the future. Thank you, Toby, for being the Mama to all these great books!

  37. Rena Schneider-Crawford

    I love the Lei crime series!! I love all of her adventure’s!! They’re all great reads!! There are so many to read! I think ive read most of them! It’s hard to find one I haven’t & I’m constantly on the look out for new one’s!! 📖📖📖❤❤❤

  38. Rena Schneider-Crawford

    I love all of the Lei crime series!! I love all of her adventure’s!! They’re all great reads!! There are so many to read! I think ive read most of them! It’s hard to find one I haven’t & I’m constantly on the look out for new one’s!! 📖📖📖❤❤❤

  39. Shawn McGuire

    LOVE the enthusiasm from everyone. This party was great not just for the readers, but the authors had a ton of fun too! ;o) Thanks, everyone, for taking part!!

  40. Kathy Davis

    So terrific that the books are on Kindle Unlimited, and I’ll definitely be checking them out.

  41. Tammi

    The characters are so well rounded -interesting and personable. The writing is some of the best I have read lately, and so intense! I really enjoy mystery and suspense. Also, poor grammar and punctuation drive me crazy – these are so well written!

  42. Marty Moore

    This was fun. My first time participating. Giving Answers to questions I never think to ask.. lol.. short or tall and why?, waterfalls, or volcanoes, scenes or characters… i truly enjoyed this. Thanks to all the authors who threw out the questions.

  43. Stacey

    So excited for these new kindle books, I’ve been reading on kindle unlimited for the past few weeks and I love that we now have new additions.

  44. Barbara Lack

    I’ve loved meeting new authors to me. I’ve really enjoyed learning about Hawaii! I just love this series and I’m super happy to be able to keep seeing the characters!

  45. Brandi

    So many talented authors in this KW! I love these characters, so I love that these novellas keep their stories going!

  46. Jennifer

    I’ve loved all of the Lei Crime Kindle world books I’ve read so far! Some many great books! I’ve just picked up a couple more and am looking forward to reading them.

  47. Kathy McLain

    I’ve been hooked on the Lei series from book one. The characters, the location, the history are all captivating. Now to discover a whole new world, I’ve found it actually fleshes out the original series with more insight plus introduce some great new characters who have no problem standing on their own. It’s the best of both worlds!

  48. Meg Amor

    Aloha everyone!! What lovely comments from everyone!! Thank you all so much. You make our day when we know you’re enjoying these books so much. We love writing them and being involved with Toby’s world of Lei Crime. So THANK YOU. Aloha Meg 🙂 (J.M. Calverley) <3

  49. Sherri Sartin

    I like the continuity of the Lei Crime Series. It’s like having a female version of Magnum, PI in book version.

  50. Jeanna Massman

    I love reading crime stories with strong female characters. The plots support the amazing well defined characters.

  51. Joyce Clark

    I always love finding new books and authors! I am sooooo happy to find yes! This
    is my first website that has what I like! I hope to become more involve.

  52. clynsg

    I am working my way through several series right now, and can see that maybe I need to add a few more.

  53. Judy Johnson

    This giveaway looks AMAZING! Thanks for the chance to win cool stuff!

  54. Amy Hallmark

    Thanks for all the great comments so far everyone. Glad you all enjoyed the party. It’s always fun to meet new readers and new friends. Amy (Amy Allen) <3

  55. Monica Baez

    Love the well written storyline, the characters, and the locations 💞

  56. Dorothy Stone

    I Love the Lie Crime books & can’t wait to read all of them. Thank you Toby Neal. This is the biggest give away I’ve ever seen.

  57. Denise Trichilo

    I’m excited to start reading some of the Lei KW books. I’m currently working on the 3rd Sophie book, so it may be a little while. I just love the characters and how multi layered they are.

  58. Lisa Hudson

    Sorry I missed the party this time! Sounds like there’s a great gathering of new LKW!! I’ve already found several I’m interested in reading!

  59. Desiree S Flores

    Can’t wait to explore this new to me world! I feel book binge coming on 😊😊

  60. Julia

    Lei is a very well developed, believable and likable character. The stories are great and I enjoy learning a bit about Hawaiian culture and traditions. Thank you for this fabulous series, Toby!