Since my new thriller novel came out the other day, people have been asking me where and how to get started with my book series!

Yes, I know. There are so many! Lots of readers are hesitant to jump into the middle of a series.

I get it.


⭐Toby Neal books are suspenseful page-turners that will cost you sleep.

⭐Pets are featured with every major character; and though the animals are heroic and sometimes take a hit for their beloved people, they won't die on the page and break your heart! (People will, though. You've been warned.)

⭐I'm not a fan of excess profanity and super graphic stuff. The violent crime in my work is…tastefully handled. If that's not enough, then my books aren't gritty enough for you, and that's okay.

⭐Hawaii and its culture, food, customs, and geography are a focus. I'm a third-generation Hawaii girl, and I write what I know.

⭐Multicultural and mixed-race characters abound! If you're a racist, you won't like my books.

⭐I want you to feel good at the end of a book. I personally hate mysteries/thrillers where all the characters are dislikeable jerks and nobody triumphs. So, I write what I like to read: books that will, even if they squeeze your emotions along the way, leave you feeling satisfied that evil got what it had coming. Not sophisticated or creepy enough for you? That's okay. Plenty of dark stories out there if that's your thing.

In conclusion: Pets! Hawaii! Good triumphs and people get better! Warm fuzzies and heroic characters. A fast pace. Only the occasional mild epithet to curl your hair. 

Sound good? 

There are several easy, no-risk ways to try them:

?1) Grab Blood Orchids (Paradise Crime Mysteries #1 with Lei) OR Wired In (Paradise Crime Thrillers with Sophie) on your favorite book retailer! Both are FREE. Try them and see if you like them!

?2) Sign up for my newsletter and get Torch Ginger (#2 in Paradise Crime Mysteries FREE, or Somewhere on St. Thomas (romance under Toby Jane) FREE. 

None of these options will cost you a penny. 

I only want people who like my books to pay for them. 

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Thanks for hanging in there for my spiel! Now go get some FREE BOOKS!


Wired Revenge(the very latest in this series!)

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