Wired Fear, Book 8 in Paradise Crime, is here!


WIRED FEAR, Book 8 in the Paradise Crime Series, hits bookstores today and I couldn't be more excited! Sophie Ang's tumulous crime solving journey takes an unexpected turn in the book advance readers are calling, “electric!”

“Neal consistently creates compelling and complex personalities for her characters, captivating you with their idiosyncrasies, charisma, and intelligence. There are multiple layers for you to unwrap, and adventure to keep you captivated until the last page.” ~Sheree S, Goodreads

Paradise is haunted by betrayal.

What if you discovered that those closest to you were not who they seemed?

Tech sleuth Sophie Ang, her lovable dog Ginger, and her partner, Jake Dunn, tackle a new case involving a famous hula festival on the Big Island–but that’s only one of the hot situations demanding Sophie’s attention. Repercussions from the past and the return of a deadly relative threaten to tear apart the fragile life Sophie’s trying to build. Everyone around her seems to want more from Sophie than she can give, and one of them plans to take her life.

In the midst of a volcano of conflicting agendas, Sophie must find a way to truth, victory and freedom.



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Wired Fear, Book 8 in Paradise Crime, is here!

Because libraries.

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