• Publisher Neal Kimelman
  • Publication Date: February 21, 2017

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Cinder Road

Book 2

The Scorch Series: romantic action adventure for fans of romance thriller suspense and family romance sagas!

Cold, calculating Dolf Luciano is a rock-climbing powerbroker in a tailored suit. An identical twin, he is the “brain,” and his brother Nando, the “heart.” Nando is swept away by the Scorch Flu as a pandemic ravages the nation, leaving his beautiful widow Avital alone--the woman Dolf has loved his entire life.

An ER doctor dedicated to her work and family, Avital refuses to leave her post as the flu ravages their hometown of Philadelphia, even as the rest of the Lucianos head west to the Haven, a secure compound where they have a fighting chance at survival.

Dolf stays with Avital, having promised his brother to watch over her--but how can he protect his twin’s brave, stubborn wife and hide his feelings from her, as they struggle to live long enough to reach the Haven?

"Intense emotion, heart-stopping action, unforgettable characters!" -Advance Reader