• Publication Date: December 11, 2014

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Island Fire

*In the very near future, on the tiny island of Lanai, teens from very different worlds must find a way to survive when technology is destroyed.*

Bea and Sam, Hawaiian kids isolated by a paranoid, alcoholic father, are thrown together with orphaned big-city pickpocket Nick when a disaster fries all technology. Aided by a mysterious `*aumakua* dragon that may or may not be Bea’s imaginary friend, the kids face fire, plane crashes, gangs, pit bulls, thieves, sharks, hunger, thirst and abuse in a coming-of-age that explores a post-technology world where only the strong and connected survive.



Island Fire.... unbelievable... I loved every moment of it. I was imagining seeing this in theaters and casting in my head!

  • G. Schneider

My only complaint is that once again I am sleep deprived because I cannot put down your books. With Island Fire, I tried to go to sleep and I kept thinking about what might happen and I finally had to get up to read more. This is always the sign of a wonderful book, that the reader is so engrossed, so deeply enmeshed in the story and so invested that it is impossible to stop reading.

  • F. Pepoon

Island Fire is another fantastic page turner from Toby Neal. It sucked me in until the very end and I feel like I know each of the characters personally. I still have goosebumps thinking of everything. Definitely a must-read!

  • Sophia, age 17