• ISBN 978-0-9973089-6-9
  • Publication Date: February 27, 2017

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Michaels Family Romance Box Set

Books 1-3

Meet Ruby, Pearl and Jade—three sisters who grew up in the paradise of St. Thomas. Each young woman has a unique path to walk, and a unique love to discover—and they are as different as the gemstones they’re named for.


Why him? Why now? What else could go wrong? 


*FINALIST* Reader's Choice Award, The Romance Reviews

SHORTLIST-Finalist Chatelaine Awards~ Chanticleer Reviews 2017

Set in 1984, in a world before sexting and texting, this “lushly written and emotional” New Adult romance stars redheaded spelling champion Ruby Michaels, who meets the wrong kind of man on the eve of her departure from St. Thomas for college, and fireworks ensue. “I won't be derailed by anyone—no matter how handsome and interesting,” she vowed.

But some promises were made to be broken.

Surfer, sailor, handyman Rafe is fleeing grief and his family's opulent lifestyle. In Ruby's passionate innocence he finds a woman he's willing to sail the globe to pursue. “I am a pirate,” he tells her. When I see a treasure I want, I'll do anything to get it.”

Can Rafe and Ruby navigate the stormy waters that separate them?

“Ruby will have to decide whether to follow her head or her heart, and she's instantly relatable.” ~Jesi Lea Ryan, author of the Arcadia Series 



It’s a long way from sleepy St. Thomas to the big city.

“It's dangerous to be too beautiful.” The year is 1989, and magnet-for-trouble Pearl Michaels leaves her childhood home, the tropical paradise of St. Thomas, to live with her sister in Boston. Discovered as a model, Pearl finds fame, fortune, and Magnus Thorne.

Harley-riding, enigmatic Magnus Thorne is a man with a past and a hazardous, secret present. The last thing he needs or wants is an addiction to a woman so famous she's known simply as “Pearl,” but he can’t seem to let her go.

Danger and passion stalk Magnus and Pearl from Paris to Dubai, and love's not the only thing at stake.

“These books are a fun, guilty pleasure that will leave you wanting more from Toby Neal!” ~Author Noelle Pierce



Dancing is everything—until it leads to love.

Jade Michaels has a simple life: home, school, dance studio—and lot to prove in the shadow of dynamic, talented older sisters. She runs away and risks everything to compete in the first-ever dance reality show in LA in 1992,  and meets the perfect guy—until she finds out he’s her sister’s ex.

Four years ago, producer Brandon Forbes rescued Jade’s sister Pearl from a mugger—and discovered her as a model. He fell hard, but she married someone else. Brandon thought his broken heart was ancient history—until Jade’s dazzling audition activates conflicted feelings he can’t deny.

Can Jade and Brandon navigate the past that separates them?

“Toby Neal always delivers! In Jade Michaels’ journey to find independence and success, love dances into her life, and the fireworks leap off the page. Don't miss this delightful new adult tale about the youngest of the Michaels sisters!”~Author Eden Baylee