• Publication Date: July 26, 2015

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Kindle Worlds Novella

What if Jet had a sister?

Lila Weiss, full time neurobiologist and part time ballerina, has been searching for the little sister she lost through divorce and death. She finds Maya in prison—and a whole lot more, in the brooding presence of a psychological profiler codenamed “Benjamin.” Benjamin sees Lila’s potential value to Israel’s interests and recruits her as an asset for Mossad, giving her a crash course in spycraft, destruction and love that has international repercussions.


What Readers Say:

"This story has legs." - Author Russell Blake

"Toby brings it all - intrigue, danger, tense impossible relationships and just a touch of romance from the Middle East to the City of Light, Paris." E. Finn

"Toby Neal has a remarkable facility for creating, seemingly effortlessly, fascinating and real characters operating in a believable zone and following an engrossing plotline. The characters and storyline whisk you along at Toby's typical breakneck speed, with a convincing backstory as well." - Larry L.