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    Rough Road

    A Sydney Rye Kindle World Novella

    Some bad road trips are still meant to be taken.

    Twenty-one year old Lei Texeira and her friend Amy set off on a road trip for Cabo San Lucas, looking for fun in the sun—but a wrong turn leads to danger south of the border. Lei meets Sydney and Blue in the desert, learns the ways of vigilante justice, and a friendship is born. Merl, Sydney’s badass trainer, teaches Lei the sweet rewards of taking a risk and learning to let go. In this prequel to Blood Orchids, Lei makes discoveries that will shape her life and future forever.

    “Rough Road is the perfect example of what makes Kindle Worlds so awesome—Toby Neal has captured my world perfectly while making it her own. Rough Road is action-packed, sexy, and impossible to put down. Lei and Sydney working together are so good! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Toby will decide to write another.” ~Emily Kimelman, author of the Sydney Rye Series

    Rough Road is a prequel to Blood Orchids, and falls right after Death in the Dark, Sydney Rye #2.