• Publisher Neal Kimelman
  • Publication Date: January 31, 2017

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Scorch Road

Book 1

One of five brothers and a sister, JT Luciano is a man who can chainsaw trees with one hand and wield an automatic with the other. An environmental biologist “prepper” with a touch of the Sight, JT buys a decommissioned military survival camp with room for his family, preparing for an end of the world he knows is coming. He is desperate to convince his brothers to come to the place he’s named the Haven, but only a national emergency will get their attention.

Elizabeth Johnson, buttoned-up scientist and Senator’s daughter, is carrying precious cells for a vaccine against the swiftly-evolving, deadly flu that’s sweeping the country. Her plane goes down in JT’s potato field—and now the two of them have to get the cure to Washington DC, as one by one, the structures of society implode in the face of the flu’s devastation. As they travel an apocalypse road, danger brings them together to find one good, true thing in a devastated world.