• Publisher Neal Kimelman

Smolder Road

Book 6

Lucy Luciano, little sister of the Luciano brothers, has big hair, dangerous curves, small stature and a sassy, sexy mouth. From the minute she meets tall, enigmatic, stoic Roan Winters, Lucy makes it her mission to get under his skin- but life at the Haven survival compound in Idaho during a pandemic can be frustrating.

Raven-haired Roan is a man of few words but many secrets and skills. Wounds from his past make him wary of involvement with women, especially a  bold, fiery, funny girl like Lucy. Sparks fly, words are exchanged--and then the same deadly gang that chased Cash and Sunshine take Lucy prisoner.

All of the Luciano brothers get involved in defending the Haven and getting Lucy back--but only Roan becomes a one-man army.

Can Roan and Lucy not only survive a deadly foe, but defeat the wounds of a haunting past to find love?