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Because libraries.

  Why libraries? Because libraries rock. Libraries nurture. Libraries uplift and stimulate, shelter and educate. In writing my upcoming memoir, FRECKLED: Growing up Wild in Hawaii, I was able to see how many times “going to the library” provided a destination when it was rainy and we were homeless; a place of solace when bullied, and… Read more »

Five ways to celebrate holidays when you’re in grief

Here are five ways to celebrate the holidays when you’re in grief and have lost a loved one.  Celebrating might seem impossible when you’re in grief, and yet these “special” days come whether we want them to or not, and must be endured. There’s an empty chair at the table; an empty stocking on the… Read more »

Creating new traditions

Creating new traditions is something we can do at any time, but it happens of necessity when something major changes in life: a death, a divorce, a big move, a job change, a new marriage, the birth of a child. This year, I have gone through five of the six (and not the “happiest” of… Read more »

Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is an inside job, even when your home is a tropical island paradise. Extreme beauty can actually distort perspective. Every other place is then seen through rainbow-tinted spectacles. I’ve been fortunate by design, spending the majority of my life in physically beautiful settings, corrupted by growing up on Kaua`i and now, happiest out in… Read more »

Tomales Bay in May: RV life

Tomales Bay in May: RV Life The next time we take the trailer out, we go to the coast. Applying the lesson we learned the hard way, we check the weather beforehand, which should be sunny and in the fifties and sixties. We pack accordingly and go to a place we scouted on one of… Read more »