3 for 1, only 5.99! Paradise Crime Thrillers Books 1-3


Wired In, Wired Rogue and Wired Hard:

14 The first three books of award-winning Paradise Crime Series bundled for a twisty, intelligent thrill ride: “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo becomes female Jack Reacher…in Hawaii!”

More twists a bag of eels characterize these fast-paced, character-driven, thrilling mysteries with a zest of romance set in Hawaii.

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WIRED IN: The tale of Sophie's development of a cutting-edge rogue computer program, DAVID, and her discovery of a cyber vigilante whom she may, or may not, want to actually bring to justice–because The Ghost just might just capture her heart.

WIRED ROGUE: an untouchable cult deep in the jungle has a leader who might be a stone-cold wife killer, and his children slave labor. Only Sophie can get them out and find their missing mothers–and along the way, solve the puzzle of The Ghost and what he means to her.

WIRED HARD: A buried royal Hawaiian island in Lahaina on Maui attracts mysterious burglary attempts, and gets deadly fast once Sophie's on the case. As she solves a twisted murder with ties to the archaeological dig, she must also discover whom she loves.

Very suspenseful! These books move along at a fast pace with many twists and turns. The main character is smart and a warrior.” ~James S, Goodreads

1 review for 3 for 1, only 5.99! Paradise Crime Thrillers Books 1-3

  1. Peggy Flack Ake

    I really enjoyed reading these books. It's always fun to have the next book in a series to read. This set is fantastic and unputdownable. Toby Neal writes great books.

    Sophie Ang is a fascinating character and I really like all the characters that interact with her. There's loads of action, danger, suspense, twists and turns, murders and mayhem aplenty. It also feels like a mini vacation to Hawaii with all the descriptions of the land, flora and fauna, the people and even the food. What's not to enjoy? Happy reading.

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