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Have you ever read a Lei Crime book and wondered what happened to a character or “what if…?” the story took another turn? Did you ever dream up your own Lei Crime story? Kindle Worlds offers readers a chance to answer those questions by writing their own story in the Lei Crime Kindle World. It’s fan fiction at its best — Join me!


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Getting started in the Lei Crime Series Kindle World is easy. You can browse books on the Kindle Worlds website and meet the authors through my blog and learn where the Kindle World stories intersect with my Lei Crime Series books.

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About the Lei Crime Series

The Lei Crime Series™, debuted with Blood Orchids in Dec. 2011 and have become genuine online bestsellers, with ebooks downloads of over 500,000. Leilani (‘Lei”) Matsumoto Texeira, the protagonist, is a local girl detective with a complicated past that strikes a chord anyone who wants to learn something about the “real Hawaii.” Lei leaps before she looks into solving crimes that draw the reader into the issues of life in the islands—including cockfighting, sex crimes, art smuggling, human trafficking, drugs and poaching. In each book Lei goes to a different island—in Blood Orchids she’s on Big Island, in Torch Ginger she goes to Kaua`i, in Black Jasmine she’s on Maui and in Broken Ferns, she’s on Lanai and Molokai, and in Twisted Vine she’s back on Oahu. Dark Lava and Fire Beach take Lei back to Maui with side trips to other islands.

Writers are encouraged to expand side characters, invent their own characters and parallel stories, do prequels and sequels (but must be at least 50 years after time of last Lei Crime novel) and any genre is okay and encouraged!



Leilani (“Lei”) Rosario Matsumoto Texeira: Protagonist. Lei is intense, focused, driven in her job and approach to life. Detective/Special Agent.

Michael Rockford Stevens: Lei’s love interest. Lieutenant and former military. Stevens is hardworking, persistent, conscientious, intelligent, kind.

Pono Kimo Kaihale: Lei’s longtime partner. He’s never afraid of a physical confrontation, but tries to talk and strategize instead, a contrast to Lei’s physically impulsive style.

Marcella Scott (Scatalina): FBI Special Agent and Lei’s best friend. All she ever wanted to do was be in the FBI, rebelling against her loving, smothering Italian parents who followed her to Hawaii.

Download a detailed description of main characters and a listing of secondary characters.