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On getting lost. #MikeandTobyTravels

Getting lost isn’t fun, but the thing about adventure is that you can’t just have the pleasant parts. Adventure, by definition, involves risk. Sometimes that risk starts out as innocent fun, and then devolves into something much less pleasant. But let me get to that by first telling the good parts. We’ve had an incredible… Read more »

From Squamish to Lillooet and Lost Again- Day 3 #MikeandTobyTravels

Today we went from Squamish to Lillooet. Meaningless names yesterday but real, unforgettable places now. I woke to Mike gone in the preternaturally-early morning after a strangely-late sunset in a cabin on a river somewhere outside Squamish. It was nice to wake up at my own speed, do my five sun salutations, make my tea,… Read more »

Flipping the coin of Adventure

    Flipping the coin of adventure. In saying yes to adventure, you don’t just get the fun bits. This year, I’ve decided to be more open to trying new things, saying yes to stuff outside my comfort zone. Right now, after a recent “adventure” to the Big Island with my husband, I’m reflecting on… Read more »

#Kaua`i: an island of extremes.

I grew up on Kaua`i. You probably don’t appreciate what a statement that is, but Kauai is a place of extremes. Extreme beauty. Extreme isolation. Extreme weather. Extreme attitudes. It’s a very small place–when I was a kid, stable population of less than 35,000 and very few tourists. My parents were hippies, doing the dropout… Read more »

In praise of the Stay-cation.

Renaissance Man and I decided to grab a week of vacation before the summer ends, and after freaking out over the interisland fares (we miss you Aloha Airlines! You helped create some competition!) we decided to do a stay-cation and do it up here on Maui like the tourists do. It helps, when you choose… Read more »