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Seven characteristics of successful #writers that cannot be taught

Seven characteristics of successful writers cannot be taught—but they can be learned and developed until they become the habits that are the bedrock of a successful artist practice in any field. The successful writer is a keen observer of everything around him. Writers notice things: the way a closet smells of cedar, mothballs, and the… Read more »

Lessons from #life drawing #7

The Norse goddess seems to glow in the light admitted from the high, sunshine-filled windows in this, the last of my lessons from life drawing. It would be hard to find depth on her perfectly-done marshmallow goldenness if it weren’t for the light source slightly above and to the right of her, casting shadow and… Read more »

Lessons from #life drawing #6

This week’s model has skin the exact shade of Werther’s chewy caramels, and she’s named for a Norse goddess. Her breasts look like scoops of vanilla ice cream with hazelnuts on top. Her legs are so long we all have to keep revising our pictures to fit them in. Though this is her first time… Read more »

Lessons from #Life Drawing #5

I returned to lessons from life drawing #5 this week after taking off (with my sister) for a persistent sore throat that threatened contagion, and frankly, I needed a break. Instead of class last week, I spent the day at my computer, happily concocting my first spy suspense.  Set in Paris and Israel, NIGHTBIRD is… Read more »

Lessons from #Life Drawing #4

Yesterday, I wasn’t sure what life lessons I’d learned at drawing class, but when I went to bed last night, I slept the way I most like to. I lay down and woke up nine hours later, to the sound of mynahs chattering, doves cooing, and the nuanced melody of rain in the gutters. I… Read more »