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Seven characteristics of successful #writers that cannot be taught

Seven characteristics of successful writers cannot be taught—but they can be learned and developed until they become the habits that are the bedrock of a successful artist practice in any field. The successful writer is a keen observer of everything around him. Writers notice things: the way a closet smells of cedar, mothballs, and the… Read more »

Lessons from #life drawing #7

The Norse goddess seems to glow in the light admitted from the high, sunshine-filled windows in this, the last of my lessons from life drawing. It would be hard to find depth on her perfectly-done marshmallow goldenness if it weren’t for the light source slightly above and to the right of her, casting shadow and… Read more »

Lessons from #Life Drawing #5

I returned to lessons from life drawing #5 this week after taking off (with my sister) for a persistent sore throat that threatened contagion, and frankly, I needed a break. Instead of class last week, I spent the day at my computer, happily concocting my first spy suspense.  Set in Paris and Israel, NIGHTBIRD is… Read more »

Lessons from #Life Drawing #3

More lessons from life drawing! I began dreading class two days before it was scheduled. In spare moments, I’d think of excuses: “I could be sick. I do feel kind of headachey. I could plead a dentist appointment, maybe even try to get one,  because that tooth really is sensitive. I have a new book… Read more »

#Creativity breaks through when a master lends a hand

I have a theory that different kinds of uses of the brain stimulate it, and that helps overall creativity and problem-solving. I’ve been putting that theory to the test this year by working on my painting alongside my writing. Until today, it’s been nothing but a source of frustration. Something readers may not know is… Read more »