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The Beauty Venture: water pattern.

The Beauty Venture: water patterns Water patterns have enchanted me for awhile. Here are some images from my last few years of collecting pictures of water. It almost immediately brings a sense of peace to look at water–in one of my hypnotherapy classes, we were given the suggestion that the sight of water would bring… Read more »

The Beauty Venture- day one: sentimental treasures.

The Beauty Venture: Day One. Sentimental treasures. “Every man’s memory is his private literature.”  ~Aldous Huxley I am reflecting on the beauty of sentimental treasures. I keep these few precious objects around me to remind me of dear friends and family. Each one inspires in it’s own way, loaded as it is with memory, emotion… Read more »

The Beauty Venture: collecting beauty for thirty days.

The Beauty Venture: collecting beauty for thirty days. I’ve decided to “collect beauty” for thirty days. I don’t even really know what that means, or what it will do, but I have a sense it will be life quality enhancing. As a mental health professional and inveterately curious human, I’m always interested in what simple… Read more »

Cheap ‘n Easy Beauty Secrets for the Lazy and Incompetent

I’m the kind of woman who burns herself on curling irons and considers shaving my legs the height of party preparation. I’m not fussy, and the truth is, me and beauty products just don’t do well together. In other words, I’m a “natural beauty.”(*cough*cough.* This really means I’m lazy, have a lot of allergies and… Read more »