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6 Great Reasons to Blog your Vacation #amwriting

Having a little time to myself today to reflect, I considered why I’m blogging in some more depth and thought I’d share 6 great reasons I thought of to blog your vacation, and why I’m doing that with ours. Yes, it’s extra work. It can be challenging to find internet. There’s definitely discipline involved, and… Read more »

Is the blog tour dead?

Is the blog tour dead? Do blog tours actually work to generate book sales? A few days ago I asked: is anyone reading blogs? It was another way of asking the same question, but broader. And the results were fascinating. First of all, I had more blog hits than anything since my most popular post… Read more »

Is anyone reading blogs anymore?

Specifically, is anyone reading author blogs anymore? This thought has been occurring to me lately as I look ahead to next month when Torch Ginger comes out. Yes, folks, mid-July I’ll be launching the second in the Lei Crime Series, with all its attendant excitement and alas, marketing efforts. I’m trying to muster up some… Read more »

A- is for Adventure on April Fool’s Day.

In my blog trolling I came across this fun challenge on Karen Gowen’s blog, Coming Down the Mountain. The challenge is this- every day in April, blog on a topic from A-Z along with over 800 other bloggers listed on this page.Then, click around on there with all the other nut jobs who took this… Read more »