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Christmas in Hawaii: Top Five Best and Worst Things

It’s always nice to start with the worst so you can end on a happy note. FIVE WORST THINGS ABOUT CHRISTMAS IN HAWAII: The price to see family. We’re stuck three thousand miles away from anyone out here, and flying at the holidays is two things: exorbitant and stressful. I hate that about being so… Read more »

Christmas is rainbow season.

I’m a Christmas lover. And in Hawaii we like to do it up big, with all the trappings–even when they are a little ridiculous (okay a lot ridiculous) like plastic snowmen and spray snow on the windows. This year Christmas is minimalist for us, and that has made me notice that Christmas in Hawaii has… Read more »

A few of my favorite (and nonfavorite) things at the holidays

A good friend (Julie! Thanks for being a reader and supporter!) sent out an annual letter called, “A few of my favorite things” and I thought that was a great idea. So here are some of my Favorite Things about the season, and if you hang in there for the whole post there’s an awesome… Read more »

Christmas in Hawaii

As I write this I’m picking a bit of dried cookie dough off my (significant) bosom, launched there by the enthusiastic dough-wrangling efforts of my niece and nephew this evening at our annual Christmas decorating/baking bash. Christmas in Hawaii is a lot like Christmas everywhere else, but with some important differences: It’s warm. Relatively. I… Read more »