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#Organic #farming hero of #Maui

Organic farming hero of Maui chef James “Kimo” Simpliciano has an enduring quality that reminds me of the sun-hardened monkeypod logs we pass as we walk along the red dust road of his farm. Far-seeing eyes hidden under a billed cap, Kimo speaks softly, each sentence distilled. “It’s hard.” His shoulders are tight with the… Read more »

The Conservation Warrior Returns

Guest Blog by Tawny Neal, Cellular/Molecular Biology Major and Intern   I’m back from the misty jungle, tired and dirty but pleased. After a long week in another world, the return to civilization is jarring. It is one of the most astonishing things I’ve ever seen, to lift off in a helicopter from the ranch… Read more »

In case the helicopter goes down…

“I need natural material shoes,” my daughter says, pacing nervously around the house as she packs for her first-ever helicopter trip. “I also need to wear all natural fiber clothes.” She’s packing for a week in the trackless jungle on the rainy side of the volcano doing a biology internship with the Maui Forest Bird… Read more »