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Cement block decorating in #Hawaii

Cement block. There’s a lot of it decorating Hawaii. “I’ve never seen so much cement block in my life,” I said, looking at the barren red dirt of a former pineapple field, held in check by several tiered walls of untreated, unpainted, unpretty cinderblock, the setting of our “fixer-upper” house on Maui fourteen years ago…. Read more »

Christmas in Hawaii: Top Five Best and Worst Things

It’s always nice to start with the worst so you can end on a happy note. FIVE WORST THINGS ABOUT CHRISTMAS IN HAWAII: The price to see family. We’re stuck three thousand miles away from anyone out here, and flying at the holidays is two things: exorbitant and stressful. I hate that about being so… Read more »

Those ten-dollar tomatoes—is Hawaii backyard gardening worth it?

Hawaii backyard gardening has always been a labor of love, but I don’t think it’s always been this expensive. I put my garden in prior to the Crash of 2009, and it’s a good thing too or I’d never have been able to afford the lumber for the box beds (over $350.00) the two truckloads… Read more »

Purging clutter to to Unleash Creativity

Okay, so you got your Book of Secrets started. You wrote your story and identified themes and stuck spots. You probably then, got a little stuck. (Like I have been, now that I sent off my latest novel.) This is the time to purge clutter. Clutter weighs us down. It distracts. It smothers. Whenever you… Read more »

Life in Paradise: rat wars. *&^%$!!

RatHunter on the job (video above. Be careful you might find it amusing) Day 1: Liko, our ridiculous Shih-Tzu, detects a rat behind the stove. He stands in point position, watching. He digs at the stove. He barks. We pull out the stove, the rat makes a dash for it, Liko in persuit. The rat,… Read more »