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Rainy days and adult children

The next three days are rainy: and by this I mean a soft but relentless moisture as if the pewter clouds have lowered to earth and spread themselves at various densities across the land. The sound of water trickling in all its forms takes on the quality of a timpani orchestra: the patter of it… Read more »

Father’s Day Mixed Feelings

I  have Father’s Day mixed feelings. I married a man who has been a great father—no, not perfect.  But he’s been steady, sacrificing, protective, hard-working, generous, committed, always there for the kids through their many stages, phases and challenges. When they’re in trouble or need, it’s him they call. Recently they both flew in from California… Read more »

Hawaii Christmas traditions: family times in Hana, Maui

Since the kids were in junior high (old enough to help with the massive work involved with camping) we’ve been going out to Hana during Christmas break. We’d usually set up tents under one of the hala trees on the bluff of the Haleakala National Park in Kipahulu, but sometimes we’d go to Wainapanapa in… Read more »

The gift of a grandmother.

I had two amazing grandmothers. You’ll note the past tense. They’re both gone now, and I still miss them. They couldn’t have been more different but in some scary ways, the same. My grandmother GeeGee was a classic: Republican, Catholic, bridge-playing, country-club golfing, delicate-boned charm wrapped around a steely core. She had one husband who… Read more »