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Hiking Haleakala Crater- Day Three of epic adventure.

Hiking Haleakala Crater-Day three of epic adventure. Peacefully frying steaks with the door of Holua Cabin open, we are unexpectedly confronted by a group of four other hikers. Comparing permits, we find that the Park Service has double-booked us all into the cabin. Social awkwardness ensues as we all try to regroup and adjust our… Read more »

Hiking Haleakala Crater- day two of epic adventure.

Hiking Haleakala Crater- Day Two of epic adventure. An unearthly golden glow, the sunrise,  wakes me. The cabin is warm, the stove crackles with fresh wood and I smell coffee–and I remember why I love this man. I get out of the down sleeping bag  borrowed from our friends at the Maui Forest Bird Recovery… Read more »

Hiking Haleakala Crater- Day One of an epic adventure

Hiking Haleakala Crater- day one of epic adventure. Trash out. Chickens and dogs fed. Backpacks, way too heavy, loaded into truck. Starbucks in hand (latte for me, Frappuchino for Mike.) Now, I sit on the sidewalk babysitting the backpacks while Mike parks the truck at the exit point further down, and hitchhikes back up to… Read more »

A five mile hike ending in a bag of frozen peas.

A five mile hike ending in a bag of peas began this way: Training for a big hike Takes trespassing At least the way we Do it. Getting Elevation on the golf course We go our longest route five miles with Breakfast at the country club As a reward. At home Knees, hips lower back… Read more »

Training sled dogs in #Hawaii.

Training sled dogs in Hawaii (Day Three of Training for a Big Hike.) I have two dogs and they are eager to hike, in fact they like to think they tow me like something more than the thirteen-pound yappers they are. It’s me training alone today as Mike perches on the cliff taking pictures of… Read more »