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Insights from a wellness retreat

Insights from my recent wellness retreat were hard won, but worthwhile, so I thought I’d share for those who may be looking for a health solution that’s a little “outside the box.” Some of you may know that I’ve struggled for years with an increasingly over-reactive immune system, experiencing frequent rashes, sneezing and allergies, respiratory… Read more »

New year’s resolutions and embracing mediocrity

Embracing mediocrity was a turning point for me, but New Year’s resolutions have always been a favorite flagellation. For the last twenty years and more, every New Year’s eve I’d go off by myself to review my journals from the year. The last ten years, I’d go up on the mountain, usually pitching a tent… Read more »

Skin offerings to the sun god: adventures with skin cancer

Skin offerings to the sun god, as I call my adventures with skin cancer, began early  for me. I was born in the sixties (before the invention of sunscreen) I grew up in Hawaii, and I had red hair—the “trifecta of doom,” as the first of my many dermatologists called it. I remember Mom, tanned and… Read more »

The other woman: middle age.

The other woman in my life is middle age. She’s a cruel mistress. I came up with that phrase myself, liked the ring of it. Then I thought, why is middle age female? Shoot, male middle age is a mean bastard! Somehow I didn’t think it would happen to me, and I know The Hubby didn’t think… Read more »

Kicking cancer in the teeth with walking shoes.

Some people don’t take cancer lying down–they kick it in the teeth with a pair of walking shoes. My sister-in-law is training for the Susan B. Komen Three Day Walk. She’s a breast cancer survivor, a rather recent one in fact, and doing this has got her “in the best shape of her life” following… Read more »