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We aren’t in #Hawaii any more.

Well, Toto, we aren’t in Hawaii any more. At least for now. What is this heresy? I know, I know…those of you who follow my blog may have noticed I fell off the map after daily blogging about our epic vacation in British Columbia back in September. Well, that’s because in October my life pretty… Read more »

Married to a #Writer: Part 1 by Thomas K. Matthews

Yesterday I totally enjoyed this post on ShelfPleasure by Holly Robinson: Pity the Poor Writer’s Husband. I chuckled and decided I wanted to write up my version, and knew just the “male perspective” writer to ask to guest blog about his longsuffering  (because anyone married to a writer is, by definition, longsuffering) wife’s experience being married… Read more »

Following dreams, doing your purpose

Following dreams and doing your purpose while living in the shadow of mortality makes life so sweet. We had a rough year in 2011. My husband’s health was in crisis, and the whole year we were in “survival mode”—me working three jobs to keep the boat afloat, Mike doing what he could while recovering from… Read more »

Married to a photographer.

I’m married to a photographer, and I love it. I’ve been planning this blog post for awhile–sneakily taking pictures of Mike Neal taking pictures.The sheer obsessiveness, the contortions to get the shot, are just too fun. It’s helped that my interest in photography, sparked by my iPhone, coincided with the blossoming of Mike’s career in photography–so… Read more »

Painless is feeling good.

Doing the grateful thing- and right now, I have a whole new appreciation for HEALTH. If you don’t have health, you really don’t have anything. My husband of 25 years, Mike Neal,  is an amazing man with an amazing body. I’ve been accused (and not unfairly so) of marrying him for that body. Over the… Read more »