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Creating new traditions

Creating new traditions is something we can do at any time, but it happens of necessity when something major changes in life: a death, a divorce, a big move, a job change, a new marriage, the birth of a child. This year, I have gone through five of the six (and not the “happiest” of… Read more »

Happiness is an inside job

Happiness is an inside job, even when your home is a tropical island paradise. Extreme beauty can actually distort perspective. Every other place is then seen through rainbow-tinted spectacles. I’ve been fortunate by design, spending the majority of my life in physically beautiful settings, corrupted by growing up on Kaua`i and now, happiest out in… Read more »

Five reasons procrastination is a valid coping strategy

Five reasons procrastination is a valid coping strategy took form in my thoughts as my co-authoring partner, Emily Kimelman,  and I deferred, for the third time, a difficult task we needed tackle involving coordinating a day-by-day timeline of the plot of our series of romance thrillers.   Just typing that sentence was a total buzzkill…. Read more »

Ten wise things from turning fifty

Been thinking ten wise things I’ve learned from turning fifty. Yesterday was one of those big birthdays—you know, the ones where people do retrospective slide shows or big parties or go on a cruise to see the Dalai Lama. I chose to go back to some of my roots, on the North Shore of Oahu…. Read more »

How have #smartphones changed us?

How have smartphones changed us? I was an initial resister to the smartphone, having vague “mental health” concerns about intrusiveness, getting overly attached to my device, not being present in the moment, and being tracked by government agencies just because they could (not because I had anything of interest going on.) I got my first… Read more »