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Sighting a wild wolf: #traveling #Canada

Sighting a wild wolf in Canada is a haunting thing. Seated in our brightly colored plastic Adirondack chairs on the deck, watching the river at low tide and sipping our morning beverages, a howl from the other side of the river lifted the hair on the backs of our necks. Long and low, echoing across… Read more »

From Seattle to Squamish- Day 2 of #MikeandTobytravels

On the road out of Seattle toward Squamish, British Columbia, with my laptop on my knees. “Classic Vinyl” Rock is playing on the Sirius radio. The Chrysler Town and Country van we rented for the month has a smooth ride, juicy engine and most important, a roomy back area with no seats, because I don’t… Read more »

Bee orchestra in the cherry tree.

Bee orchestra in the cherry tree. There’s a bee orchestra in the cherry tree. Bees descend in a buzzing cloud in the earliest morning, when the sky is still gray pearl and the nectar has risen to a peak in the Surinam cherry blossoms on the tree in our backyard. The tree is graceful as… Read more »

Corrupted by beauty: #Kaua`i

When you grow up in a place like Kaua`i, it does something to you. The island’s enchantment  ruins everywhere else. I call it being corrupted by beauty. This can be difficult, because ever after you try to find a way to live in a place people visit on vacation, and few but millionaires own homes…. Read more »

The nature of water.

I’ve always loved water. Perhaps it’s growing up in Hawaii–some of my earliest memories are the intense physical sensations of the ocean, the cold of a freshwater stream, the refreshment of an outdoor shower. Water is life. 70% of our bodies are water. As the rest of the U.S. goes into fall and being bundled… Read more »