• ISBN 978-0983952497
  • Publication Date: February 02, 2013

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Broken Ferns

Lei Crime #4

The island of Oahu is warm breezes, skyscrapers and green mountains—but a daring young thief is out to make a statement, and Special Agent Lei Texeira’s new career is already on the line.

Lei Texeira has made a difficult transition from detective on Maui to the FBI on Oahu—and her first big case as an agent draws national media attention. With her typical jump-first, look-later style, she pursues her quarry from Oahu to the outer islands, rousing old conflicts and new heartbreak.


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I was captivated by the first line of Broken Ferns.

  • Denise Guerin

Author Toby Neal has created an engaging crime series based on the islands of Hawaii. Her main character, Lei, grows and evolves in her emotional depth and understanding, of herself and others, in each successive book. The stories portray each island accurately, warts, beauty and all. I have read each book and eagerly await the next installment in the series.

  • Sheree

Crisp, well-written and full of local color—Broken Ferns is another page-turner from Toby Neal.

  • Greta Van der Rol
  • author of Morgan’s Choice

Toby Neal’s plots have a relentless, charged energy that heats up every page.

  • Holly Robinson
  • author of Sleeping Tigers

I can't put the book down once I start reading it. I can read this book in one day. I love how there is always exciting twists in the story.

  • Stacie Fernandez

The entire Lei Crime Series is a great read. Living in many of the locales depicted in the book, it is entertaining to see the realism.

  • Ian Ponting

I loved how the first book reached out and grabbed me, held my attention through the entire book, all three sequels have also been just as exciting, I love the characters and story line, I've bought each one the minute I received the email notification it was out!

  • Jennifer

Broken Ferns is a fabulous read...from start to finish!! I seriously can't get enough of the Lei Crime Series! Each book has hooked and reeled me in, refusing to let go until every last word is consumed...Broken Ferns is no different!

  • Michelle Tardiville
  • author of Paramour of Books

Engaging read! I was captivated by the first line of Broken Ferns

  • Denise Guerin