• ISBN 9780989148924
  • Publication Date: July 16, 2013







2015 Gold Award - Best Multicultural Novel, eLit Awards





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Twisted Vine

Lei Crime #5

2015 Silver Medal Winner
Best Mystery / Thriller e-Book
Independent Publisher Book Awards

The island of Oahu is skyscrapers and rainforests, beaches and boutiques—but Special Agent Lei Texeira is drawn into a shadow world connected by death and the Internet. Mysterious suicides draw Lei and her team, including tech specialist Sophie Ang, to hunt a criminal who plays with the thin gray line between right and wrong. Lei stirs up a hornet’s nest on the investigation as her past reaches out in a twisted vine of old loves, new technologies and dark vendettas.


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Great read. Be ready to stay up all night to finish the story. It was so good I held my breath the last 50 or so pages; I had to finish the book to see how it played out. Good descriptions of Island and characters. Strong plot. Just enough previous history of characters to relate to earlier books in the series that can be read in any order. You actually feel you are in the story, heart racing, breathing hard, smelling the fragrances. Can't wait to read the next installment in the Lei Crime Series.

  • Blondie
  • Dede Utzinger Email

Toby Neal scores a royal flush in this fifth of an unmissable crime series for mystery fans!” J.C. Martin, author of Oracle

  • J.C. Martin, author of Oracle, A Crime Novel