• ISBN 978-0989148955

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A Lei Crime Companion Novel

2015 Gold Award - Best Mystery/Suspense Novel, eLit Awards

Only a volcano can cure some things. Dr. Caprice Wilson, police psychologist, has spent her life unraveling the mysteries of the human mind—only to find herself in a deep crisis. Caprice prescribes herself a walkabout and goes hiking on Maui—but the solitary retreat she has in mind does not go as planned. Caprice faces an enemy she never knew she had and wrestles with questions of hope, identity, loss, and the nature of psychopathy in a cat-and-mouse game with survival at stake.  


This psychological thriller pits one woman’s personal demons against those of her stalker to create a compelling, well-told dual confession.
The descriptions of Haleakala are wonderful. I've been there and the scenery has left an indelible mark on my soul. It is the perfect setting for Caprice's story. Toby Neal knows Haleakala and her descriptions are perfect. Toby, please write faster! I can't wait for more.
  • JTS, Burlington KY, Amazon
I want to compliment Toby Neal on her ingenious presentation with photos taken by her husband at the end of the tale of Haleakala where critical turns in the story take place providing a sense of realism not often found in fiction.
  • Linda Ballou