Paradise Crime Mysteries Box Set 1-16

The COMPLETE Paradise Crime Mysteries Series, 16 full length novels in one fabulous immersive reading experience!

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If Eve Dallas and Harry Bosch had a love child, she would be Lei Texeira!
✅ Damaged but heroic female cop with courage and baggage
✅ Awesome failed police dog sidekick (who never dies)
✅ Colorful characters and gritty scenarios that take you away
✅ Escape to the dark side of Hawaii, NOW!
“Thank heavens there are so many books in this series because I can't stop reading!” ~Goodread

Binge read this limited-time box set with NINE USA Today bestselling books combined into a one-volume immersive reading experience. You can’t read just one!


Black sand beaches and steaming volcanoes are backdrops for murder as patrolwoman Lei Texeira discovers the bodies of two drowned girls and attracts the attention of a killer.


Stunning Kauai has drawn Lei to a new island, but can she untangle a mystery of missing persons with madness at its heart?


Cruise ships and art galleries hide cruel secrets as Lei and her partner, Stevens, move to Maui to build a life together; but trouble soon follows them to Maui.


Lei’s first FBI case on the island of Oahu involves the stolen airplane of a mogul and a teenaged “Robin Hood” who steals from the rich to give to the poor. An anarchy movement is sparked that has deadly consequences.


A bizarre series of suicides hint at a sinister online ring at work on Oahu. Lei and her friend Sophie must track down the truth before more lives are lost.


Endangered native birds on Maui attract a poaching ring whose members meet a deadly opponent hidden in plain view. Lei’s so busy tracking the murderer she might miss her own wedding.


Desecrated Hawaiian sites and a terrible murder close to home threaten Lei and Stevens’ future as they solve crime on Maui.


An arsonist with a chip on his shoulder meets a killer who leaves a shroud as a calling card. Both must be stopped before they murder Lei and her family.


A surf star dies tragically on Maui, and Lei pursues justice to the prestigious Triple Crown of Surfing contest on Oahu.


A marine biologist is murdered in 90 feet of water off of Molokini, and Lei must find answers.


Stevens is posted overseas while Lei wrestles with a child killer cold case.


A hurricane lands on Maui as a killer runs rampant in a fine dining restaurant…


Pirates attack luxury yachts in the Hawaiian Islands and Lei works with the Coast Guard to bring them down.


A new character and her mother bring a human trafficking case close to home for Lei.


Twist back in time to find out the forces that shaped Lei into who she's becoming.


A terrifying kidnapping pulls Lei into an investigation overseas.

Grab these fast-paced mysteries and take a trip to Hawaii with the series that’s sold more than a million books!


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